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Do battle mage hats still exist

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mitarumetaro Level 183 Demethos Bishop
Nexon deleted all battlemages in the last update
Apr 10 2014
It's all ogre now.
Apr 10 2014
Rainful Level 177 Windia Battle Mage 4

This is not a post extender.
Apr 10 2014
You mean the nx goggle hat? I think they retired it last year.
Apr 10 2014
KeroseneDesire Level 181 Khaini Bow Master
If you're talking about the goggles, they're not available from the cash shop anymore. At least, not directly. I do believe you can still get them from surprise boxes (the temporary ones), but no one ever opens those considering premium surprise boxes are more profitable.
Apr 10 2014

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