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Doctors and google

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wanton Level 197 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art wanton is intoWanton
so I recently went to my family doctor for a checkup and i asked him what this dark line on my thumb was. He checks it out, and was like 'its nothing'. However, I was super worried since when I googled this beforehand, one of the possible reasons for this dark line was really disturbing. So I told him that when I googled this before, that this dark line could mean something bad. So he takes out his ipad and googles it. Then he's like ' hm ya ok we will take a blood test'. I told this story to a friend who was like 'wtf wow thats a terrible doctor u should not go to them again'. But tbh idk it didnt really bother me that much? Like hEY MAN doctors cant always be encyclopedias and know everything! idk maybe im being too nonchalant. Thoughts?
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helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
I totally agree with you here. Keep in mind that this dude is only a family doctor, and I mean that in the least offensive way possible, so it is impossible for him to know what every single little black line on a person's thumb can mean. The field of medicine is huge and to expect every doctor to know everything is impractical.

It is for this reason that specialists exist. Now, if you go to a specialist and they say that it's probably nothing even though your google results show otherwise, then we might have a problem.
Sep 05 2017
readers Level 131 Scania Beginner See what games, anime & art readers is intoReaders
Google results aren't going to say anything that may be accurate either. There's a tendency to look for what is the worse case scenario and to over-exaggerate the situation as such. It could be that it is that worse case, but it could also be a multitude of other things, and perhaps the results you saw may also suggest other things. Google isn't a doctor either, and neither are the more common websites that pop up on Google when you look up things like this (ex. WebMD). They may be useful as general references when it comes to certain conditions, but I wouldn't use that as a diagnostic tool. So you should also take those findings with a grain of salt.

I would have tried to see if the family doctor can refer you to some other specialist (as helpingly said). They may be able to give you more information then. But I wouldn't expect a family doctor to do much - they are not going to know everything there is to know. And switching family doctors may not necessarily help either - perhaps you may find one who is better, but you can also find one who may even be worse.
Sep 05 2017
helpingly Level 214 Bera Buccaneer See what games, anime & art helpingly is intoHelpinglySheriff
@beefly: I totally agree with both you and readers here. A lot of the time googling your health problems will only make you think you have something far more severe than you actually do.

I was never really a fan of of googling my health problems, I do always try to google remedies for simple, small health annoyances though (sore throat, canker sores, etc.)
Sep 05 2017
andreaverilia Level 209 Windia Evan 10th Growth
Im sure he told you the blood test thing so you could ''rest assured'' that you're okay.
It's annoying but yes, thats what we do when the patient insists there's something wrong with him
Sep 06 2017
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
doctors out here tryna save u money cuz he knows it aint a problem and ur over here questioning him smh
Sep 07 2017
userwhat Level 140 Scania Hayato 4
@greatbolshy: LOL right? Most doctors would already be writing a pre$cription if you told em you had a headache
Sep 08 2017
applesareokay Level 206 Windia Blade Master
I work in healthcare, let me get this straight.
Doctors aren't gods and they don't know everything. There are good doctors, bad doctors, and retarded doctors.

Doctors aren't experts in everything. Your family doctor only has a range of expertise for specific common illness/health problems etc. Once its out of their range, they refer you to a specialist, or order a mode for diagnosis.

So yes, if you go to your family doctor with a dark line problem on your thumb, he/she will not know what the f** you're talking about. That doesn't mean he's a bad doctor.
When you told him about that thing you read on the internet, that would be the first time he heard it. He will then order a routine blood work for you just so you can feel safe and satisfied with your life.

In some cases where you feel like your family doctor is wrong, you can always push for further diagnosis.
Sep 12 2017

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