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Does anyone else Lag or Delay in pvp?

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DjRevy Level 230 Broa Hayato 4 Recognition Guild
Normally I'm able to Pvp without these problems, but for the last few days, I've been Delaying by 2-4 seconds with all the skills i use in 120+ PVP Channel. Pvped by logging in with Launcher and Also from the website. Still getting this Delay, any possible solutions? :o
Posted: March 2012 Permalink


rhenXD Level 200 Windia Shadower Memories Guild
Yeah, there have been some delay lag these past couple of days. It's quite annoying when you're the type of person that jumps around a lot. I heard it helps if you cc after a match, but the lag then comes back after around 4 min for me
Mar 23 2012
Akatsuki0826 Level 200 Scania I/L Arch Mage
For the first couple days after the patch, I was also lagging in PvP. One time, I stopped lagging, but then I had mount lag from a Mech's siege mode. I haven't tried again recently after that, so I can't really tell you anything.
Mar 23 2012
pvp that always happens to me. maybe thats why barly no one plays that stupid pvp
Mar 23 2012
shot Level 192 Scania Corsair
It is like that usually...means I shouldn't pvp now.
Mar 23 2012

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