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Does normal magnus drop tyrant quips?

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hey guys i was wondering if normal magus drops tyrant gear or is that only hard mode and chaos?
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fearofoneman Level 250 Bera Demon Slayer 4
normal magnus drops nova gears.
hard magnus drops tyrant gears.
i don't think theres a chaos magnus...
Dec 10 2013
Famousd7 Level 209 Scania Phantom 4
i believe normal drop nova capes but i could be wrong
Dec 10 2013
NeoBowmaster Level 80 Khaini Mechanic 3
Only hard mode Magnus drops tyrants, I believe.
Dec 10 2013
Expressnless Level 209 Chaos Night Lord
No, normal magnus never has and most likely never will drop tyrants... that would be stupid. It's only hard mode that drops them, so being godly means you can farm them once a week to become even godlier.
Dec 10 2013
Kizzy9000 Level 204 Kradia Paladin
Easy and Normal Magnus drops Nova, only Hard drops Tyrant
Dec 10 2013
Zeroximus Level 205 Khaini Xenon 4
Normal Magnus isn't dropping any equipment at the moment due to Nexon's screw up. The glitch has been there since summer.
Dec 10 2013
infinteZero Level 208 Demethos Evan 10th Growth
normal magnus drops nova gears.
hard magnus drops tyrant gears.
i don't think theres a chaos magnus...[/quote]

lol indeed no chaos magnus...

hard magnus drops tyrant gear... and gl with that he is a monster...(in terms of hp and just plain annoying to fight)
Dec 10 2013
before magnus became glitched, i used to do daily magnus runs, mostly just for the honour emblems (for inner ability)
i've gotten 3 Nova drops in around 40-50 magnus runs, and i could personally confirm that it **does not** drop tyrant equips
Dec 10 2013

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