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Dojo is done in yellonde Screen

By Tenka

Tenka Level 223 Yellonde Bow Master
Sep 04 2010 After a long, very looong time trying to clear the dojo and NEXON not letting us use the special stuff or saves anymore and everything NEXON to stop us from reaching the glory, we made it in a party of 4... Now, after 7 black belts, what could be our new motivation?

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sorginoth Level 52 Windia Page
I bet you can solo it yourself, especially with the save features (or is it just kMS?).
Just spam hurricane and get the bubble thing and bamboo.[/quote]

He said it wouldn't save or use the special skills in the description thing.
Sep 05 2010
@sorginoth Oh woops I just read it.
@danyx Yeah I know that, why not get hit and then charge? I saw a lot of bowmasters do that.[/quote]

Nooo before, the bar just charged faster at lower HP, and it charged ridiculously fast at around 50 HP. However, now it won't charge AT ALL unless you get hit. Hitting the monster doesn't do anything.
Sep 06 2010
KONarutoXD96 Level 200 Yellonde Blade Master
LOL luke I didnt know you posted this on basil , my bish still looks sxc even back then [/quote]
lawl tyler
Aug 06 2012

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