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Donald Trump is the next President of the United States

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neveraddaplayer Level 10 Broa Citizen See what games, anime & art neveraddaplayer is intokhdasdasd
The amazing lesson you can take from this is to never judge anything by it's looks, smells, what it's made of, and other amazing variables. I understand that this is an oft repeated theme or idea that you have been constantly exposed to in your lifetime, but hear me out on this one example. The example I must show you, is the eight-year veteran of the presidential position of the United States. That's correct, my example is Barack "Hope and Change" Obama, the first African American president in United States History.

Now, Obama was elected in 2008 to tears and standing ovations and all those other loud and clear declarations of joy and hope that most presidents receive when they win. It was hoped that he would change the country, bring order and justice and peace within the fractured and damaged nation. Unfortunately, these hopes were sadly crushed slowly over the years as his policies were implemented in uninspired and hotly contested ways. His promises of making America great again were soon shown to be nothing but dust and ashes, blown away quicker by the sands of time than most presidents in our storied past. It is of course, not all his fault, as these cases most generally come down to in the end but nonetheless, he is at fault for a sizable portion of this failure. In his case, our dashed hopes come down to judging the book by it's cover instead of what actually lay inside. And for that crime, the only fault lies with the American people for having such high expectations driven by an unrelenting hype campaign.
Nov 09 2016
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
+1 shoutout to hillary clinton for being corrupt and greedy and losing the election by trying to cheat the system and getting exposed
Nov 09 2016
zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
+4 @greatbolshy: George W Bush cheated the system twice and won both times and you praise him like he's God though? I dislike both Hillary and Trump think they are both crooks in their own ways. However, since the choice was between Trump and clinton I chose Clinton since Trump is just a joke of a person. Makes no sense why anyone in the right mind would vote for such a person. He boasts about groping women, he was under a child molestation case, he is trigger happy and will nuke us all sooner or later, and he wants to take away rights and impose Christianity on everyone in the country.

What's even more funny is how women think it's disgusting for normal men to talk dirty and treat them as s3x toys. Yet when Trump does it it's okay thing to do. If you voted for Trump that means you think it's fine to s3xual harass women as long as you have power and money. You also promote racism and it's okay to mock the disabled. I rather had Jeb Bush as president than a guy like Trump who will do absolutely nothing for our country but start wars. Bush was terrible president back in 2000-2008 but he will look like a saint compared to the reign of Trump. Trump is going be more like a dictator than a president and will not do anything for you unless it benefits him. Feel free to argue with me and call me a stupid libtard since that's what most if not all Republicans seem to resort to if someone has shares a different opinion than you.

Anyways though just wait and see how these 4 years end up being under a xenophobic, fascist, racist, dictator like Trump. He wants to waste more of our money building that stupid wall (hoping the Mexicans will reimburse us. L0l L0l L0l) which will put us in further debt than we are now. His views on climate change is absurd and will be the end of our world as we know it, and I can pretty much guarantee another event like 9/11 will happen and/or unnecessary war will occur before he leaves the house. He's going take away marriage equality, abolish affordable healthcare for the needy and elderly, remove or alter social security so it's harder to obtain, and abolish planned parenthood. So all those women who think it's "their" choice for your body will not be able to say that anymore under Trump.

He is not my president and I will never call him my president. He's a joke and makes the USA a mockery. Call me a hater, libtard, not a real American, etc idc. You will all wake up a rude awakening within these next 4 years. Our Country will never be the same. It will have change that's for sure but it won't be a good change. It will be terrible change.
Nov 11 2016
greatbolshy Level 210 Bera Blade Master
+3 @zcrimsyn: i've been around on basil since probably 2007 fairly consistently, so what i'm about to say should truly be an honor for you. i don't think i've stumbled upon such an idiotic comment in all of my time browsing this site. i'm honestly having a hard time digesting how glorious this comment is. instead of wasting my time debunking everything you've said, i'll quote the madman himself. "WRONG."

feel free to hop the border, but after january 20, good luck climbing back over it
Nov 11 2016
zcrimsyn Level 30 Windia Mercedes 2
+2 @greatbolshy: This is the type of behavior that I am talking about. I wanted to refrain from insults since a debate should not have to resort to that point. However, you are just proving my point that you are an ignorant, judgmental, hypercritical Republican like majority of them are. What's even more funny is you claim that you are Christian and yet you result into name calling and stating stupid crap like "jumping the border" How Christian is that? What I said is 100% factual. Far right conservatives want to repeal affordable healthcare for lower and mid class people, they want to increase the age of retirement or abolish ss all together. They want to remove help for planned parenthood, and they want to give tax cuts only toward the rich. Flat tax system does not help anyone but the 2% of the population.

Lastly, how the hell do you know what nationality I am? You say hop the border but you don't know if I am Mexican, white, Asian, black, etc. You are proving your ignorance and stupidity in your comment by being the judgmental freak yourself. Have fun with YOUR xenophobic and fascist dictator. Don't come crying when more terrorist attacks happen, oil prices increases, our climate turns to garbage, and your grandparents end up dying bc they can't afford the healthcare they need. If you one of those rich 2% of the population then none of this would affect you. In which case you are a greedy sob who can careless about anyone else. Feel free to stop replying back unless you are willing to debate in a respectful manner. If you're going to resort to unnecessary insults don't waste my time.
Nov 11 2016
zoneflare4 Level 186 Windia Paladin
Truth is Donald Trump will be your president as long as you live in this country and/or have a US citizenship. You can deny the truth but it won't change anything.
Nov 11 2016
tyrantblade Level 186 Chaos Battle Mage 4
I'm actually hopeful that things very well can improve since if you know anything, you know how messed up the system and even our country as a whole are.

I mean how is it that life is easier for lazy people who don't work and use benefits from the government to pay for everything; compared to people that work for a living that is?

They get benefits that give them money, housing, food stamps, and to be just as well off you need a very good job?

That's not right, if you are working, the government is taking from quite a lot from you and life is hard.

By the sheer nature of being a contributing part of the system rather than a leach,things should be easier, not harder.

Those government benefits need to be scaled back to where the working class is better off than the leaches, to where they aren't living comfortably and the working class is.

And there should be great health care billed to the government, with one thing, benefits should be primarily given to the working class.

If you are leaching off the system, you should be getting such small benefits that eventually just get cut off so you have to get job.

And again, this is purely in the case of the many lazy leaches out there.

I know there are legitimate cases where people need and deserve help from the government, but sadly there are probably many, many cases out there where those in need can't get benefits while the leaches do.
Nov 11 2016
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