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Don't steal manons egg! Screen

By leopard16

leopard16 Level 200 Scania Shadower
Jan 24 2012 Took some quite some time to do this but nevertheless happy lunar year!!

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What's that golden thingy?
Liked it, very much .
Jan 24 2012
tjhermit Level 170 Khaini Cannoneer 4
Love this style.

Beats out all of other crappy artists on basil[/quote]

Unless u can do better, don't complain.

OT: Reminds me of Doraemonish animes.
Jan 24 2012
KnifeParty Level 127 Elnido Kaiser 3
On the front page it says "Don't steal man".
Jan 24 2012
EmperorP Level 177 Bera Cannoneer 4
Great pic but manon doesnt have eggs, i think [/quote]

It has a satchel with an egg in there, the thing that keeps stunning you while your doing your lv.120 advancement
Jan 24 2012
marksnicks Level 191 Elnido Cannoneer 4
@EmperorP: I killed the thing so fast i wasnt paying attention
Same thing when i farm its crys
Jan 24 2012
4kyosuke4 Level 221 Bera Buccaneer
Try stealing from a Rathian! (Monster Hunter 3 lol) Actually Manon would be harder cause he 1/1s!
Jan 25 2012

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