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Dont trust anyone except your friends

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vincerulez17 Level 201 Windia Blade Master
The guy name is PlayAy and if you guys saw a smega in windia that said i scammed him, he scammed me. Even with skype he still managed to scam me. For a code always go mesos first and even while selling nx. At least he gave me 450 mil in items. I should have stole that mofo 6 over 6 bil items. He is only 14 and ugly . Don't trust ugly ppl
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GreenPen Level 200 Bellocan Dark Knight
Wana be friends?
Oct 22 2012
Iwantodrawnowhu Level 95 Bellocan Aran 3
ugly sealed the deal

his life is ruined
Oct 22 2012
and we care why?

I don't even know what your trying to say
Oct 22 2012
You seem immature.
Oct 22 2012
Was it Pianay by any chance? Or the same person? :X
Oct 22 2012
Keep your enemies close, and your friends closer
Oct 22 2012
Hauk933 Level 170 Galicia Mercedes 4
Keep your enemies close, and your friends closer[/quote]

Other way around
Oct 22 2012
AmyTheDino Level 51 Windia Mechanic 2
There are so many threads like this.
It's YOUR fault that you were scammed.
Oct 22 2012
WakelessDream Level 92 Scania Mercedes 3
Don't trust your "friends" either, you think you know a person then bam!~ you get screwed over by them. Not that this has happened to me, its just I've heard experiences from others.
Oct 22 2012
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