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Doubts about P2w

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So I've been around for a while, and it seems that MS is a "pay to win" game. I was curious about how one actually pays to win though. Does one need to keep constantly investing in the game or can one manage with something of an initial payment and then keep "winning" with in-game currency and activities (e.g. Using nx in such a way as to make some mesos and then permanently moving on to merchanting)?

Also on topic, what's the general consensus about the best ways, be them benefitwise or timewise, to "win" the game?
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KelvinCEO Level 206 Windia Mechanic 4
It is always been Pay to Win game.
Jan 08 2014
natty2 Level 225 Broa Bishop Nimbus Guild See what games, anime & art natty2 is intonatty2
It is 100% a pay to win game.
Nexon don't even deny it, they be like: "Want a cool P2W game? COME HERE!"
This game is a natural scale of how much you spend into a game.
The more you pay, the stronger you are. That's all there is to it.
Jan 08 2014
CountOnMe2 Level 222 Windia Wild Hunter 4
throw money at your screen it'll eventually rain gold and you'll live happily ever after in the maple world
Jan 08 2014
strenling Level 124 Scania Jett 4
Mesowise won't get you very far, even if you start out with just paying a bit and merching. Overall, to win, you have to pay thousands upon thousands (Or get uber-lucky) to be in the "pro" status.
You can stick with us non-pros. It's more fun.
Jan 08 2014
They have been making old systems obsolete and making you pay to get back to the standard.
Jan 08 2014
MeerCats Level 183 Scania Demon Avenger 4
Pay 2 Win is a synonym for Pay 4 Advantage on a higher scale, on MapleStory it's just that, paying players have a [i]huge[/i] advantage over non-paying players, to how quickly they level, what items are available to them, and most importantly, cubing their items. In MapleStory the more you pay, the bigger advantage you have, and essentially the more you're [i]"winning."[/i]
Jan 08 2014
Thiefzer0 Level 205 Mardia Paladin
Basically what Mango said. Although the best ways to obtain permanent advantage from one time investments is to snag permanent pet items when they happen to go on sale, or any other permanent item that actually effects the game. (I have all perma pet items except autocure and smartpet, as well as a permanent hyper rock and max inventory).

As for cubing. It's ridiculously expensive, and the gear you cube will likely become outdated within a year or two. Possibly to the point that the new gear is better clean than your gear is cubed. (this is more likely if you only cubed your gear to epic potential with 6% stats or so). with the exception of the new S water gear, there is no way to transfer the stats (and thus the massive amounts of money you spent) from your old gear to your new gear. And in most cases you either can't transfer or sell your old gear to other characters/players or you have to pay money to do so. Usually 3 to 4 dollars per piece.

Even merchanting requires real money. the cheapest is a permit that you can buy for about 2 dollars and lasts 90 days. But it requires you to leave your character in the free market the entire time. Which means you can't actually play the game while doing this. If you want an automated shop, it costs a lot more. Personally I think item looting and merchanting items should be free to all players. It would vastly improve the in game economy, while still allowing players to pay nexon's salaries with cube purchases and cosmetic character changes.
Jan 08 2014
They should just let us type in the stats we want on our items. That would solve everything.
Jan 08 2014
Lynerus Level 206 Scania Phantom 4
You can also be extremely lucky and get 20%+ stat on an equip from a monster drop.[/quote]
1 person out of *input random made up numbers cause i dont know how many people play this game* getting 1 good line out of a junk boss droped cube (do bosses even drop cubes ive not seen any) wont do any good to the *random made up number* amount of people
Jan 08 2014
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