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AirshipSlice Level 193 Mardia Phantom 4
Jun 22 2011 Most amazing reveal i've had! My bro talked me into buying this unrevealed for 25mil. I am glad he did because it is completely worth more than 25mil, in my opinion. Nice claw to finish off the game, right? Since the Von Leon is an extremely rare drop, maker is being taken away, and I never expect to go after HT... let alone manage this as a drop from it.

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DivineSushi Level 153 Zenith Shadower
@Two above, Its amazing to him because its something he got for cheap and is something he's probably gonna keep and scroll.
ot. Dont listen to them this is your accomplishment XKonohaKageX is a troll.
Jun 22 2011
not that good of an item lol
Jun 22 2011
i think he's talking about the fact that it's came out to three lines.
Jun 22 2011
gaarafan666 Level 161 Broa Dark Knight
I NPC'd a green sleeve with 1 more atk and almost the same pot not long ago not that good of an end game anyway
Jun 22 2011
I think it's sarcasm ?
Jun 22 2011
maker is not being taken away. it is being revamped into something better and easier to use..

claw is not even 5 mil sorry bud
Jun 23 2011
Kiyoshiro Level 110 Zenith Wind Archer 3
lucky son of a....
Jun 23 2011
@divinesushi are you kidding me lmfao its not hard makering a craven with higher atk and cheaper so dont even get me started[/quote]

Don't let me get started on you boy. If he thinks it's good, let him be. I don't see you with anything to show off so shut your mouth.
Jun 23 2011

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