Sad Mask
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Dragon Wisdom

Increases Critical Rate and minimum Critical Damage when using a dragon skill (Dragon Skills: Dragon Roar, Dragon Fury, Dragon Buster, Sacrifice). Has a chance to convert a portion of damage to HP for up to half of your HP.
1Crit Rate: +12%, Minimum Critical Damage: +6%, 11% chance to convert 1% of damage to HP
2Crit Rate: +14%, Minimum Critical Damage: +7%, 12% chance to convert 2% of damage to HP
3Crit Rate: +16%, Minimum Critical Damage: +8%, 13% chance to convert 3% of damage to HP
4Crit Rate: +18%, Minimum Critical Damage: +9%, 14% chance to convert 4% of damage to HP
5Crit Rate: +20%, Minimum Critical Damage: +10%, 15% chance to convert 5% of damage to HP
6Crit Rate: +22%, Minimum Critical Damage: +11%, 16% chance to convert 6% of damage to HP
7Crit Rate: +24%, Minimum Critical Damage: +12%, 17% chance to convert 7% of damage to HP
8Crit Rate: +26%, Minimum Critical Damage: +13%, 18% chance to convert 8% of damage to HP
9Crit Rate: +28%, Minimum Critical Damage: +14%, 19% chance to convert 9% of damage to HP
10Crit Rate: +30%, Minimum Critical Damage: +15%, 20% chance to convert 10% of damage to HP