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Dragon canyon Screen

By juni

juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
Apr 10 2014 a drawing i had done for BKHermit of windia a while ago for his gf
i know a lot of things are funky looking

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xtripled Level 33 Scania Fighter
interesting take on the dragons, the one in the back looks like he's been eating a little too much though, got the chubs.
Overall, i think it's pretty great. nice job
Apr 10 2014
Finalily Level 181 Scania Zero Transcendent
a lot of things are really good
except for the stance
Apr 10 2014
FlamyHeavens Level 199 Galicia Corsair Solus Guild
Juni pls
It's so beatiful I wanna cry
Love you style of art (Y)
Apr 10 2014
Uteki Level 136 Windia Aran 4
love the color detail on the dagger !
Apr 10 2014

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