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Dragon tail mage robe cosplay Screen

By Ness

Ness Level 25 Scania
Jul 11 2013 The actual outfit to go along with the staff. It ended up getting shipped a day late, so I wasn't able to wear it at Anime Expo. There's always future conventions, anyway.

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Kazno Level 203 Bera Kaiser 4
+3 Haha looks awesome and comfortable.
Jul 11 2013
KamikazeDes Level 220 Windia Corsair See what games, anime & art KamikazeDes is intoKamikazeDes
Did you buy it from the internets or did you make it? If you bought it, site please?
Jul 11 2013
Ness Level 25 Scania
Very nice, mind giving the link to where you've bought it? I got a friend of mine over here wanting to cosplay something from Maple.[/quote]

[url=]I commissioned it from her.[/url]

Her work is great.
Jul 11 2013
ShadeCaro Level 207 Khaini Buccaneer
If you can, wear it for Sakura Con. A lot of MS people go to it from what I've seen.
Jul 11 2013

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