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Dragon's Tail - ATK 114 Screen

By yomamma1134

yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
Nov 13 2010 Almost pooped myself when enhancing. i didnt hammer and im planning to cube it. but this was my only dagger that i had ATM and i prolly wouldve spazzed if it blew up lol. i know its a 60% chance it would work, but im not the guy thats lucky at scrolling at all.

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i blew up 2 reverse daggers using the 2nd enchantment (70% succes rate) and 1 reverse dagger on 1st enchantment (80% succes rate)
Nov 13 2010
yomamma1134 Level 10 Scania Citizen
You didnt hammer? but you've got 2 hammer slots used.

Cube it to get better stats![/quote]

i didnt hammer it, the person i bought it from hammered it lol
Nov 13 2010

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