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Draw the above person in MSPaint

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pinksinsftw Level 177 Bera Night Lord

Introduction: Welcome to (And thank you to those who contributed to making this) what is now the largest thread of the Art section! I made this thread to keep some beggars away from this section, as they have been clogging it up with spam threads asking to be drawn. 3 years later and THEY STILL CLOG IT UP! This thread is seemingly the only fair way to get everybody drawn.

[i]Do your best and have fun! NO "SKILLS" REQUIRED.[/i]
Please, no profanity or anything inappropriate. Draw and be drawn~
CoraKora: People shouldn't feel down when drawing for a person that they think that drew better than them and not post a link at all. We participated in this game because it's fun and it's the unknown who'll draw us than makes this game really exciting.

FAQ - The How To's of this thread.

What is MSPaint?
MSPaint is a drawing program created by Microsoft for Windows computers. It is the most basic of drawing programs and the results are not anti-aliased, giving hard edges to every line/border. However, according to BassChan, there appears to be a new version of MSPaint that does give AA'd lines.

Good for practicing basic painting and layering colors without blending. When I started SAI, I became a blending abuser... which is supposedly a bad habit.
[i]You do not have to use a tablet to enjoy this thread. Mouse users are always welcome.[/i]

Okay y'all I just saw a question that sounds like some people are new and wanna learn how to post a picture.
In that case, is your best friend. Solve the captcha, select your masterpiece, and poof! Uploaded.
To post your pic, you can just copy and paste the fourth link, which is a direct link or if you wanna turn it into a message
Example: [url=Exampleurl]Example message[/url]
You can just click the globe like symbol in the upper left of the box where you type and post your message and the [url][/url] shows up automatically.
You can also use sites like imageshack or photobucket. Just be sure to use the direct link.
[url=]I drew Mr. Basil. [/url]

How to quote a person. A good lesson to learn about using this site.
For a quick quote, simply add "@" in front of the person's Basil ID without a space in between. Example: @pinksinsftw
Otherwise, you click the "+" at the upper right of a person's post, near where the person's medals show and click "Quote".
Don't forget to thank the person who drew you! It's best that you acknowledge that the person took time and effort to draw you.

About the TS

View the progress of Ree's digital art with Project Basildex:

Ree/pinksinsftw is the owner of Mellow Pink (Not to be confused with a strain of a certain plant). She mostly specializes in traditional art and worked for over a year with digital art. She enjoys shiny hunting and drawing on MiiVerse. Colress x Siebold is her OTP.
A veteran member of Basilmarket, she often prefers checking the Art section of the forums. She is well-known for adding Pokemon to her drawings and distinguishing herself as being associated with the pink Palkia, a shiny Pokemon that controls space as well as the mysterious scientist Colress.

[i]And while you're at it, visit her deviantart page:[/i]
SHE USES A CUSTOM AVATAR. The feature was taken down a while back.

PS: If you don't draw anyone and just ask for your own drawing, you will not be drawn [i]unless the below person chooses to.[/i]

~~~*-Heavenly music- THE HALL OF FAME*~~~

The Hall of Fame is for the people who have shown true dedication in drawing people using MSPaint and for this thread. Kudos to the people listed!

List of notable people: @KingKokoro @CoraKora @kaffleen @Anomnymous @Naritta @xdbridget @EpicChains @suama @Mapling @DizzyMyFuture @Gridmonkey @FreezYa @stratos @iGoPewPew @Sjoooberg @Lillianaire @geegeet @madde @x4dminx @Marbrie @iPodFTW @zoomer8172 @Sake @Pandasnatch @drokzilla @PositiveGlow @diva56345 @AznDrkx !
Congratulations to the new inductee(s), -Insert name here- ! You totally earned it!

List of noted artists who participated: (Yas, we got a lot of the famous people to participate. ) @DizzyMyFuture, @GentleRain, @BassChan, @LadyVuitton, @Doutei, @lilzara, @klydekiss, @Jovial, @Noirel, @WorkOfArt, @Skyenets, @Cinnamoe, @KonataAT, @got2smilee, @dollface, @juni

Got nominations for people who deserve to be up there? Talk to me about it. I haven't been keeping up for a while, and must have missed a ton of great dedicated Basilers.

Achievement Badges - Remembering milestones this thread has made

Bold = newest
Total noted achievements: [i]16[/i]
1 hall of famer, 5 hall of famers, 10 hall of famers, 25 Hall of Famers
10 thumbs ups, 50 thumbs ups, 100 thumbs ups
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[url=]I was getting creeper vibes, sorry.[/url]
Mar 24 2011
Mike4281 Level 132 Elnido Shadower
I'm not even going to try.
Mar 24 2011
1 sec.

EDIT: dam, can't post links.
Mar 24 2011
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