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Anthorix Level 201 Windia Mechanic 4
CLOSED: Adios, Amigos.

Post below for a drawz.

[url=]I like that dagger...[/url]

[url=]i was facinated with metal. i also made the wrong sword hilt. Excerpt from Portal Video Game Series. maybe i made the butt too big.[/url]

[url=]AbysmalTorment's[/url] Gimme ALL DA POINT.

[url=]Gleam. Gleam. Flash. Sparkle.[/url]

[url=]Good ol' charcoal.[/url] im thinking of maybe simulating opacity by manipulating spaces between hatches...


[url=]They call him The Blue Mask. I call him Juanhoolio Alejandro Domingez estaban julio Centzonuitznauachalchiuhtlatonal ricardo montoya la rosa ramirez Santiago Suave.[/url]


Still 2 left. eating bisquits. second page.


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Quasar Level 205 Demethos Hayato 4 Pandas Guild See what games, anime & art Quasar is intoQuasar
Where are you going? Don't run! Don't run! I'll tell you why you shouldn't run: The harder you breathe, the more neurotoxin you'll inhale. It's bloody clever, this stuff. Seriously, it's devilish. Still running. Alright. Looks tiring. Tell you what - you stop running and I'll stop bombing you... That seems fair. Alright. Didn't go for that, I see. Knew I was lying. Point to you. But you still are inhaling neurotoxin. So, point deducted. Look out! I'm right behind you! No, of course I'm not. Saw through that one as well. Forty feet tall, right in front of you. Not my greatest ruse. To be honest. Still a giant robot, though. Look at that. Ohp! Where are you going? Nowhere. Not going anywhere. Alright? Got you trapped like a little jumpsuited rat. Oh, did you bring your little portal gun? There's nothing to portal onto here, luv. Just ten pounds of dead weight. About to be two hundred and ten. Fatty. You're just delaying the inevitable, alright? You cannot run from my bombs forever. Well, you can if I keep aiming them poorly. But I'll get better as we go, and you'll just get tired. This would go a lot faster if you'd stay still. Then I'd have time to fix the facility. So one of us at least would live. No need to be selfish, luv, you're gonna die. I should congratulate you, by the way. I didn't actually think you'd make such a worthy opponent. Weren't you supposed to be brain damaged or something? Yeah, brain damaged like a fox. Remember when I first told you how to find that little portal thing you love so much? Well, I thought you'd die on the way, if I'm honest. All the others did. You didn't think you were the first, did you? No no no. Fifth. No, I lie: Sixth. Perhaps it's best to leave it to your imagination what happened to the other five... You know what? I think we're well past the point of tasteful restraint. So I'll tell you what happened to them: they died. Horrifically. They all died horrifically. Trying to get that portal device that you're gripping in your meaty little fingers there. Oh but you were different weren't you? You were such a good jumper. Problem solver. Clever. But ambitious. You see, ambitious. That's your Achilles Heel. Mine's-oh! Oh! Almost told you. Clever, clever person. Again: brain damaged like a fox, you. We've had some times, haven't we? Like that time I jumped off my management rail, not sure if I'd die or not when I did, and all you had to do was catch me? Annnd you didn't. Did you? Oh, you remember that? I remember that. I remember that all the time. And we could have talked our way out of it. Except you forgot to tell me that you'd murdered her. And that she needed you to live, so the only available vent for her rage would be good old crushable Wheatley. Yeah. Little details that I remember. Easy little tidbits you could have used to save me from getting crushed if you'd cared, which you didn't, obviously. And still do not. Oh, remember the time I took over the facility? Greatest moment of my life, but you just wanted to leave. Didn't want to share in my success. Well, so you know, I would be happy for you if you succeeded. Apart from right now, obviously. Am I being too vague? I despise you. I loathe you. You arrogant, smugly quiet, awful jumpsuited monster of a human. You and your little potato friend. This place would have been a triumph if it wasn't for you!

Also can you draw me please?
Dec 10 2014
Sojin Level 177 Bellocan Wind Archer 4
me like drawz
Dec 10 2014
one drawz plz my good sir
Dec 11 2014
sammmmmich Level 205 Bera I/L Arch Mage
Draw me fabulously ugly.

[i]If that's even possible..[/i]
Dec 11 2014
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