Sad Mask
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Drklilith Screen

By icedemon9

icedemon9 Level 210 Galicia Hayato 4
Mar 19 2013 This is not my drawing! It was drawn recently by someone I know and it took her 3 months. I liked the picture and felt that I wanted to share it here. I'm not sure if she even has a basil acc but I do want to say that I like the picture very much and I thank her for drawing my drk! ^^

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iVege Level 10 Khaini
+3 I like!
Mar 20 2013
Plusle4eva Level 206 Scania Dark Knight
+1 @iChosenDream: On the front page obviously

OT: :O so pretty
Mar 24 2013
iChosenDream Level 234 Scania Paladin
+1 @iChosenDream: On the front page obviously

OT: :O so pretty[/quote]

Oh yea. Silly me
Mar 24 2013

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