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Dual Blade vs Shadower vs Night Lord - Dojo v.177 Comparison

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095340001 Level 230 Windia Shadower Rawrbuddies Guild
1) The recorded runs all have been recorded using the fastest attack speed (0).
2) Equipment is the same in all 3 runs. Weapon and Secondaries used
3) All using same buffs

Dual Blade:
Shadower :
Night Lord:

Hope this helps in choosing which explorer thief class to main~
Forgot how to make this a poll, but what are your favorite explorer thief class and why?
Posted: November 2016 Permalink


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windia Level 174 Windia Shadower
shadowers because im a shadower
and they're like the real sneaky thief
Nov 06 2016
akiro Level 103 Kradia Demon Slayer 4
@095340001 Nice vid, really brought back some nostalgia for me since i havent played a thief in so long, but i am considering it again kinda curious what you thought as playing all 3 and why shad is your fav. And whats changed about them since the last time i played one it was a db when they first came out.
Nov 12 2016
fradddd Level 170 Windia Hero
@akiro Shadowers are boring and slow now
Night Lords are too squishy for bosses
Dual Blades are hard to fund
Nov 18 2016
hattysoopro Level 217 Bera Shadower See what games, anime & art hattysoopro is intoHattySooPro
@fradddd: shadowers are slow, but far from boring with all the different skills you can use. ive yet to see how Nls are squishy, especially with almost 40k hp, yah sure its not the 70k my kaiser has, but still. and as far as dbs go.... well... screw dbs.
Nov 18 2016
095340001 Level 230 Windia Shadower Rawrbuddies Guild
Bossing single target: DB = Shad = NL
Mobbing (Lyka stage): DB > Shad > NL
Training: NL > Shad > DB
Nov 18 2016
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