Sad Mask
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Dude in Distress - 2 Screen

By quasar

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PanfleSCA Level 211 Reboot Shadower
+1 I read it from left to right, but then realized it was the other way around and enjoyed it the second time.
Mar 01 2015
nhan1st Level 167 Nova Marksman
Wait, if he doesn't kill people that isn't trying to kill him, why did he kill mushmom and mushdad?
Mar 01 2015
yuzesun Level 141 Galicia Xenon 4
Cause mushrooms aren't people... yet.[/quote]

Is that foreshadowing?
Mar 02 2015
yuzesun Level 141 Galicia Xenon 4
@yuzesun: Nope.[/quote]

The mushrooms turn into people in another comic gg.
Mar 03 2015

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