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SilverFoxR Level 200 Bera Hero
Jun 09 2011 Hey, all!

A lot of people have been talking about the E3 conference this year and I thought I'd simply make a little comic expressing my views while I had some free time.

Of course, these are just my views summarized in the comic... some people will (clearly) have different opinions.

Anyways, no need for flaming... just read, consider and, of course, have fun with it.

PS: No, this isn't indication that "I'm back"...

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Where's the dislike button.
Jun 09 2011
even non-fanboyism Nintendo did the best job press conference wise, though i could see people preferring the sony one. However i don't know how anyone in their right mind would think Microsoft did the best job, shooters and kinect that was ALL they showed.
Jun 09 2011
i def need the dislike button, dude PS3 and xbox has MW3 wat does the wii hav? super smash bros
Jun 10 2011
Khangiboo Level 139 Bera Marksman
Am I the only one that read Personal Erection instead of Personal Reaction?
Jun 10 2011
Only reason Nintendo did the best this year, is cause new console. Why Wii wasn't in HD in the first place was odd, you know why? Cause the creator owner thought this HD thing was going to be a fad, boy was he wrong. Everyone knows that next year, Microsoft & Sony will blow Wii U out of the water. The Wii U graphics are suppose to be better then the next consoles but failed showing that at e3 hence why they didn't release any specs or cost, cause it will be a very costly system and will probably upgrade graphics even though next consoles for xbox and ps will be 3D. I laughed when Sony got hacked again the day after they talked at E3, guess it still isn't safe after all, that will always tarnish there reputation.

I will give Nintendo my respect cause they come out with many original ideas, the only problem with being first is there are so much to improve on. Which is what Microsoft & Sony do, they make better versions. Xbox 360 & PS3 smoked Wii in sales this past 2 years by 40%+ more units sold.

Nintendo kind of shot themselves in the foot with the touch pad controller cause it will kill there hand consoles sales, cause many people including myself who own all 3 consoles, psp and ds. No way will buy another hand console from Nintendo when the controller can act as its own handheld device. Then PS can copy this by creating a Patch so the PSV can act the same way.

In other words this will be the same all over, Nintendo will have great sales first year, but once xbox & sony release there's, they will go back to being 3rd best.
Jun 10 2011
Sony's E3 was pretty slick. They're advancing in technology, bringing 3D to games. Not to mention Sony's tv bundle set.
Jun 10 2011
Halo made my year for E3. No other comment.
Jun 10 2011

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