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EMS 100 ATT medal Screen

By LuxSolis

LuxSolis Level 222 KradiaEMS Phantom 4
Dec 29 2013 Took me some months but I'm well pleased with this achievement

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LilYasha Level 77 Broa Luminous 3
+13 And the fact that it has no expiration date..
Dec 31 2013
Gummybearwizard Level 211 Scania Wind Archer 4
+2 Wow! It looks so nice too.
Dec 31 2013
Yerenth Level 123 Khaini Paladin
+2 hope this thing doesn't come to GMS[/quote]

Agreed. It's way too op for a medal even if supreme world is challenging.
Dec 31 2013
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
+12 hope this thing doesn't come to GMS[/quote]

i honestly think that if you get to level 200 in supreme world you deserve to get a 100atk medal lol
but its not fair that you get a 50atk medal for getting to level 100

@LuxSolis Congratz on your achievement Did you only level at those event dungeons EMS has? (idk what they are called)
Dec 31 2013

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