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EMS Looks so much more active than GMS as a whole

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originspecs Level 220 Bera Shade 4 See what games, anime & art originspecs is intoOriginSpecs
If EMS has THAT many people supporting the GM's then they must have done something right, cough cough GMS GM's pls
Nov 09 2016
krylonems Level 210 KradiaEMS Kanna 4 See what games, anime & art krylonems is intoKrylonEMS
Most of those GM's have been working since I can remember and today event was kinda sad
Nov 09 2016
moimoi Level 218 Reboot Kanna 4
I used to play EMS and I remember GMKaas I was helping him hunting botters in Ludi and he banned so many
Now after playing GMS for a few years I can only say that they aren't doing even 20% of the nice work EMS GMs have been doing. GMS GM's don't even care for anything. Unbanning all botters, hackers, the most illegit people ever hits 250 without being removed from rankings etc.

GMS GM's is a plain joke compared to EMS. xD Sooo... RIP
Nov 21 2016

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