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EMS Lotus killed after 2 days Video

By luxsolis

luxsolis Level 222 KradiaEMS Phantom 4
Nov 24 2015 Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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solate Level 215 Windia Xenon 4
+1 Congratz
That's a sick ign there, and capped on Arrow Platter as a Phantom too OP.
Nov 24 2015
forevernl Level 211 Mardia Night Lord
+1 @xxmcheifxx Have you ever been to EMS? EMS has all the hacked equips and patches from KMS that never made it to GMS like those enhancing fragments.
Nov 24 2015
zyndis Level 211 KradiaEMS Xenon 4
@taisuke: We don't have Violet Cubes. In my time of playing in EMS I haven't seen them released in the Cash Shop.
Nov 24 2015
A mechanic surviving Lotus. That's quite something by itself.
Nov 24 2015
markred626 Level 233 Broa Demon Avenger 4
+1 @09080706l that mechanic is the only mecha that have soloed cvellum betwen gms/ems
Also why people so salty and congrats very nice kill, sad you didn't looted tho D:
Nov 24 2015

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