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Earn Nx question

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PingwinekPL Level 164 Windia Bow Master
How long does it takes to get my nx cash from the earn nx section, doing registrations ? (Waited like 30min and didnt get it)
Also, how many earn nx can I do daily ? Is there a limit or something ?
thanks anyone who knows
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RadiantSnipe Level 210 Zenith Aran 4
Usually it will tell you how long it will take for you to receive your nx (for gamecoins, its right under the amount of nx it will give you)
You can also check your offer status by clicking customer support for gamecoins, my transactions for peanut labs and missing nx for radium one
As far as i know there isn't a limit to the amount you can do daily
Aug 20 2013
PingwinekPL Level 164 Windia Bow Master
Well ok , so all u gotta do is click on "try offer" do what they said and wait ?
Aug 20 2013
ChrisChrisChris Level 204 Scania Shadower
Depends on the survey really. Some are instantaneous. Some take 30 minutes. Some take a day or two. Just gotta try a lot of them.
Personally I do the surveys that you have to fill in information and confirm with an email address. Those tend to be the quickest and yield the most NX.
Aug 20 2013
PingwinekPL Level 164 Windia Bow Master
OK, and can you repeat one survey several times ? Like I've just finished a survey in which i must register at one game and play it for few mins, can I repeat that using another emails or nexon can ban me for that ? Also one like thumbing up one application on facebook giving 40nx, ty
Aug 21 2013

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