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Elemental staff 7 - M.ATK 228 Screen

By drager255

drager255 Level 149 Bera Aran 4
Apr 19 2011 While browsing the FM, someone smega'd this amazing Ele Staff 7. This is possibly the highest M. ATT weapon in Broa, or the entire game. Although it is only 2 lines, and only has 20% bossing damage, it is extremely impressive.

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only 112 weapon atk? Pfft
Apr 20 2011
My dream but only 2lins
Apr 20 2011
Unfortunately ( above ) isnt a maroon mop wep att not mag att?
Apr 20 2011
SolusPenumbra Level 199 Khaini Shadower
I believe khaini has a higher one, and 3 lines (can't say for sure if it's legit sadly).
Apr 20 2011
zero9993 Level 203 Scania Battle Mage 4
i want it ........
Apr 20 2011
omg.. 6 MAGIC DEF!
Apr 20 2011

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