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Ellinia JQ 1 - 1:58.735 Video

By zomgwdfbbqlol

zomgwdfbbqlol Level 50 Scania Aran 2
Jul 21 2012 blah blah

tried to use the stupid yellow cider to represent 5 minutes of time but I forgot about Alchemist and it's crappy 150% extra time that's included at the start of the buff... lul

timer recorded from landing to the last wooden portal but cut out teh laggy portal

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night lord-lv31-aera messanger on top- seems legit
Jul 22 2012
zomgwdfbbqlol Level 50 Scania Aran 2
This is a sea server to, Pizza Slice.[/quote]

and this has a world of difference in the fact that the main point is the jq lol[/quote]

here you go
Jul 23 2012
zomgwdfbbqlol Level 50 Scania Aran 2
I subbed to you a long time ago when you played Arcane [/quote]

ign pls f2
Jul 23 2012

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