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Emcy's Lela164,Myself&FiaGoBo0m Screen

By daimoauz

daimoauz Level 249 Broa Zero Transcendent Emcy Guild See what games, anime & art daimoauz is intoDaimaohz
Jun 26 2015 Just finished this last week, this one took me 2 weeks 'coz I was so demotivated that I couldn't even drawing anything like I used to.
Now that I'm satisfied with this finished piece, all I gotta say is Happy Birthday to my dear, Fia
I'm no good with staff, too rusty to draw em...


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SpadeStyle Level 215 Khaini Evan 10th Growth
+1 Always nice to see your drawings. It's sweet how you show your appreciation for your guild through your art
Jun 26 2015
juni Level 210 Windia Corsair Memories Guild
nice and cheerful!
though, might want to practice anatomy more. hands are a bit too small, straight lines don't really exist on arms, and your necks are a lil too long
hope you get more motivated!
Jun 26 2015
Tishyu Level 175 Khaini Luminous 4
This is perfect<3
Jun 30 2015

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