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Empress Set

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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
Sooo i just bought the empress set. Part of the set says +2 for each skill. So [for example] does that mean i won't have to use up all 20 and only use 18 since 2 of the sp will already be covered? or should i still use all the 20 sp?

pleasee halpppp haha
Posted: November 2014 Permalink


KaichouShion Level 208 Scania Zero Transcendent Justaway Guild
You don't have to use til 18, but you eventually have to go up further when you upgrade from empress to CRA.
Nov 10 2014
ox0Shad0w0xo Level 206 Broa Night Walker 4 Abyssel Guild
Yeah you can leave your skills at 2 below max and the set effect will max it for you. But eventually, even if you don't replace the empress set you will have so much extra sp you may as well just max it anyway. Because most classes end up with 30-60 extra sp at level 200. At least until we get 5th job, but who knows how long that will be lol.
Nov 10 2014

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