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Encore Alliance 2016 Screen

By ksc16424

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liftconcept Level 230 Bera Zero Transcendent
+15 But is it original and not photoshopped though? Amirite @ericmart
Jun 22 2016
pokiitia Level 250 Bera Phantom 4
It makes me feel and warm and fuzzy inside. Look at the entire population of Windia.
BEAUTIFUL screen that nobody should care whether or not is photoshopped
The 250 Chairs and the Open Concert are glorious.
Jun 22 2016
megaemi Level 206 Windia Luminous 1
This picture makes me so happy that I am part of this family!

P.S Love you Kat!

*emi waves bye frantically*
Jun 22 2016
whatisakelly Level 215 Windia Mercedes 4 See what games, anime & art whatisakelly is intowhatisakelly
Hi all my cuties!

Thank you Kemo for putting this together USING PHOTOSHOP -wink wink nudge nudge- and Roey for gathering everyone together. At least a month's worth of work - phew.

So glad to have met you all.

P.S. That bed tho.
Jun 22 2016
ksc16424 Level 210 Windia Bow Master Raindrop Guild
@wall git gudder : ^)
@liftconcept OFC it was Photoshopped! Most people were individually put in and I took 4-5 ss' per character
@pokiitia Haha the entire population of Windia is much bigger than that LOL this was just part of the Encore Alliance's members. Thank you~
@megaemi Love you too Emi! *waves back*
@whatisakelly Definitely could not have done this without the help of Roey! Bae, there's 2 beds (;
Jun 22 2016
flashpoint Level 210 Windia Kaiser 4
Jun 22 2016
aznusher Level 224 Windia Shadower
Look mom, I'm famous!

Jun 22 2016

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