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Enhancing tyrant cape to 15 stars! Video

By xxdarkxxsinx

xxdarkxxsinx Level 201 Yellonde Angelic Buster 4
Dec 10 2013 Enhancing my Tyrant Cape to 15 Stars! This cost more than my shoes QQ. I will do belt next when I have more guardian scrolls

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xiangliang2 Level 184 Windia Blade Master
Those AEE you were using were no booms. you didnt have yo use the guardian scrolls[/quote]

Those are Guardian Scrolls, they preserve the scroll used, not the item. So an AEE isn't used up if it fails.
Dec 22 2013
did I just sit down for 11minutes watching someone i will never meet scroll a cape I could never afford?
Dec 24 2013
Aimbek Level 204 Windia Shadower
@xiangliang2: Ahhh alright. I was unaware of that. My mistake
Dec 26 2013

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