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Eos Tower Memories Screen

By hawtnoodle

hawtnoodle Level 218 Reboot Buccaneer See what games, anime & art hawtnoodle is intoHawtNoodle
Sep 14 2016 Based on how I remember the Eos Tower and how I feel when I listen to the 'Outside Eos Tower' music track.
I'm not crying, I caught some nostalgia in my eyes.

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xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
+1 I haven't played the game for a while. Does it still not look like that? Still stuck in the past.
Sep 14 2016
lordorrador Level 220 Broa Dark Knight
@xronellx: Omega Sector has been locked off for years. One day maybe we'll get a revamped OS like Korean Folk Town, however only time will tell. =/
Sep 14 2016
k0lanib Level 250 KradiaEMS Evan 10th Growth
Love it! Been exploring a lot around Ludibrium recently, and I must say the Eos tower is one of my favorite places in the game. Too bad it's completely forgotten.
Sep 14 2016

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