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Epsilon Screen

By 2Samuel

2Samuel Level 171 Khaini Shadower
Nov 11 2010 Drawn during school, which is why there are holes on the right side. It was done on the back of my physics homework, lol.
And I know the drawing style is a bit rough. I was in a doodling mood

Dedicated to Ryanfirefist and kysabeaux.

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sandylambb Level 86 Bellocan Shade 3
Wow, Sam. Nice drawing. C:
I think you know who you should draw next when you're bored.
Nov 12 2010
2Samuel Level 171 Khaini Shadower
Sam and draw? *brb laughing*[/quote]
It's not that funny...

@sandylambb: I could, if you don't mind your avatar looking a bit freaky =D
Nov 12 2010
omg sam, that's awesome! x3 *steals drawing and keeps forever*

Nov 13 2010

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