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Error Code -40

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jreginald Level 145 Scania Blade Master
Hi guys, so I can't play Maple Story because I can't even download it. Every time I launch the game through the Nexon Launcher, I just get an error saying it "can't find MapleStory data file on your computer", which prevents me from loading the game. I contacted Nexon about it and they provided me with a solution, which was to redownload the client. Small problem... I get an error whenever I try to download the game. So now I can't even install the game anymore. I tried "repair installations" through the Nexon Launcher and that didn't work either. Could someone please help me out? This is getting really annoying since I paid for crap in this game and I can't even play it.

EDIT: I have also tried to redownload the client through ( and that didn't work. I still get the same error.

Here's the error that I get whenever I try to download the game:
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sprinkle Level 220 Windia Phantom 4 Revelation Guild See what games, anime & art sprinkle is intoJess
Make sure all of you maplestory files are deleted before you try to redownload/reinstall, may interfere.

^ Try using the files in the support link again.

If it still doesn't work you could try downloading through Steam
Jun 23 2016
jreginald Level 145 Scania Blade Master
Ah okay, I didn't download all of them. Maybe that's the problem. Thanks a lot guys!

EDIT: So I got a new error saying that I've disconnected from the login server. What's wrong now?
Jun 23 2016

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