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Error code -2147467261 invalid pointer

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can anyone help me? I am unable to play for the last whole week

I log in for 30 second and i dc..
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ThePowerKill Level 120 Elnido Dawn Warrior 3
Maplestory hates u
Jul 25 2012
You could
- Reinstall MapleStory (might not help but worth a shot)
- Wait until Nexon fixes it - it's on the Bug Extermination List
- Play on a different computer (such as laptop)

OT: Not really sure, this only happens to me rarely when I cc in the FM.

Edit: Try gamelauncher? from above ^
Jul 25 2012
use gamelauncher[/quote]

you remind me of my ISP when i contact them, "Did you restart your router?"

thanks anyway i will keep trying

i used to get the hackshield error, but after this patch i am getting this new error
Jul 25 2012
Happends , like every hour with me
Jul 25 2012
Turn off Loopback adapter?
Jul 25 2012
i dont have loopback adapter :o
Jul 25 2012

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