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Espurr039s Moe Art Cafe Requests

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espurr Level 64 KradiaEMS Evan 5th Growth
Welcome to the Moe Art Cafe. I'll be doing 10 orders, drawn in a 'moe' style. For references of my art, my tumblr is 'meltychan'.


- One request per person.
- First come, first serve.
- Nothing too overcomplicated. (They will be sketches, so I don't feel too inclined to draw full armor sets + weapons.)
- Must be your own maple character.
Posted: June 2016 Permalink


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ksc16424 Level 210 Windia Bow Master Raindrop Guild
Omigosh~ Your art style is so simplistic and cute! *strikes a generic pose*
Jun 22 2016
qtwarriorxx9001 Level 141 Bera Shadower
ill have a mocchiato please
Jun 22 2016
xronellx Level 139 Scania Night Lord
Draw me jumping, kinda like parkour.
Jun 22 2016
ecarina Level 245 Galicia Cannoneer 4
Draw me falling down please!
Jun 22 2016
itszinna Level 219 Scania I/L Arch Mage
Ooh I would love one please! Very cute drawings
Jun 22 2016
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