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Evan, Aran and Mercedes voiceovers(KMS)

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mryumyum Level 142 Scania Paladin
What about phantom and shade voiceovers?
That spirit bond maximum change is weird. They should just make it a permanent passive upgrade spirit bond instead of adding that weird gimmick
Nov 26 2015
shini Level 120 Mardia Mechanic 4
Lol at all the people who wasted their time/money on their level 60 boss arena emblems on their hero classes.

I liked they finally putted it where phantom could steal hyper skills. Makes a whole lot more sense since it could steal 1st-4th job skills.
Nov 26 2015
silverfoxr Level 200 Bera Hero
Wait... does that mean that Cristina Valenzuela (aka Cristina Vee) will be reprising her role as Mercedes?

For those who don't know, she's an english voice actress who's done a few big roles for anime (such as Homura from Madoka), though her bigger VA roles tend to be in gaming, where she most prominently plays Noel Vermillion (oh look... another blonde who duel-wields magic pistols), NU-13 and MU-12 from Blazblue and Cerebella from Skullgirls, in which she is also the game's casting director.

Another tidbit for all those Naruto fanboy/girls out there is that Phantom's VA also did Sasuke's english VA.

Ugh... Freud's VA in Mercedes' intro cut scene sounded like a surfer... hope they re-cast him. As for Aran... curious to see who they get for her.

Also... I REALLY wish we could find VA castings for Maplestory online... it's pretty tough, since the only way you can find them is if the actor or actress credits themselves to working on the project.
Nov 26 2015
trumpet205 Level 205 Windia Aran 4
@shini: Luckily I haven't started on the boss arena emblem. Lv. 100 emblem come to papa.
Nov 26 2015
mryumyum Level 142 Scania Paladin
Max just updated the spirit bond max description. Really interested in seeing the video of the upgraded spirit bond max because the wording and the cooldown is kinda confusing.
Nov 26 2015
pandasheepboy Level 200 Bera Zero Transcendent
Im hoping for more changes to the other Heroes of Maple like maybe some more new skills and skill looks
Nov 27 2015
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