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Evan Equips?

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Alfiepoo1 Level 200 Windia Beast Tamer Cat
So i have lvl 150 Evan, and my range is 18k. I'm pretty sure that is super low haha. What are some good equips that can help me get a higher range? I really just want to be able to Normal Zak, but i can't even do that [with a reasonable amount of time]. lol. I was thinking Fafnir? Not even sure how much that stuff goes for. Or Dragon tail stuff? HALP! I only have 25 mill in total haha
Posted: October 2014 Permalink


yiffyfurry Level 217 Bera Beast Tamer Shared TwoAmores Guild See what games, anime & art yiffyfurry is intoyiffyfurry
get draon tail stuff, cra is expensive to get the full set
im still waiting for the cra mage pants to fall to 100mill
Oct 13 2014
AuraShade86 Level 216 Bera Bishop Captivate Guild
6 set empress set should cost around 150-200m (cape, hat, overall, shoe, glove, wep), which should get you to around 35k range or so. This is plenty for an Evan of your level to easily solo normal Zakum. When you get more funded (~400-500m), I'd go for the 4 set CRA (top, bottom, hat, wep) as that provides a good boost. When you're 170ish, head over to Gollux, get coins for the reinforced ring + earrings, and see if you can buy pendant + belt. Finally, find some cheap nova or tyrant gear to complete the set, and you're good. (PS one good way to merch right now is taking advantage of drops from elite bosses, such as prot scrolls)
Oct 13 2014
TheTornado Level 211 Bellocan Evan 10th Growth Revenance Guild
Have you tried getting the Sylph ring? It should give you a decent amount of int and %boss/%crit (depends on what you choose).
Oct 13 2014
lilallan Level 141 Broa Evan 9th Growth
how much does dragon tail set cost?
Oct 13 2014
0o0Abbadon0o0 Level 224 Demethos Blaze Wizard 4
how much does dragon tail set cost?[/quote]

Depends on your server. In GAZED each piece should be 10m for most of it (Shoes, Overall, Hat, Gloves) then weapon is probably 15m, cape like 70-80m, and shoulder is a good 200-300m. So anywhere from 325-435m in my server. No clue about prices where you are though.
Oct 14 2014
FrozenCubez Level 182 Bellocan F/P Arch Mage
I really just want to be able to Normal Zak, but i can't even do that [with a reasonable amount of time]. lol. [/quote]

Does that mean you can't do it at all, or just really slowly?
I think 18k range is enough to solo Zak as an Evan. (I could be very wrong though)
Oct 14 2014

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