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Good day Evans (and all other classes) worldwide! The old Post-Chaos guide was outdated, so I decided to grab the old format for it and edit it into a Post-Ascension guide!
A few things to note here; A lot of training levels now include Monster Park and Party Quests, skill changes will be edited as the guide gets more progress and such.

Small notes before reading on

11/21/2011 - Made minor adjustments to builds/skills/links for several skills were added.
12/1/2011 - I sent in a report about skill tags not working properly for Evans and it was reviewed and fixed! (+1 Medal and yay for noticing this to me!)
1/12/2012 - Skill tags fixed once again! Thanks to the staff.

I've heard, seen and read a lot of people praising Kenta PQ and Escape PQ for 2 simple reasons. The exp is amazing if you grind there with a level 200 to up the monster's levels, giving more exp. Since the accuracy penalty is -2% per level under the monster, you will have a hard time hitting anything, unless you're getting lucky. (Kenta PQ gives 5.7m additional experience upon completion, results may vary depending on achievement level)

Monster Park is the new LHC replacement. Bearwolves are deserted, unglitched and people flood themselves into channels for Monster Park. Get a full party with a Bishop for HS, you'll be set to go (as long as you have tickets!).

Important notice! Dragon Thrust (6th Growth) has been glitched for a while now, using it too often will give you the GM Police disconnection message, which can ultimately lead to a 30-day, or even permanent (not 100% confirmed) ban! Try not to use Dragon Thrust whilst training to prevent this from happening!

What are Evans?

When the Evan class was released, it came with a story. A young boy was connected to a mythical type of dragon, the Onyx Dragon. Seperating itself from the outside world, the last remaining Onyx Dragon felt a connection to the young boy as well, saw the Mark of the Onyx on his hand and gave the boy an egg to carry around.
As the boy went back home and did his chores around the farm, the egg soon began to hatch and a young baby Onyx Dragon was born. The baby dragon, naming itself Mir, had a strong mental connection to his master, and as they grew stronger, so did their bond.

Rather not spoil the rest of the storyline, you'll have to create your own Evan to experience all this!

Evan's 1st Growth; Lvl 10 - 20

New Skill(s): Magic Missile, Dragon Soul

[skill=Evan 1st Growth=Magic Missile]: Hit a monster up to 2 times to deal damage. (Neutral element)
[skill=Evan 1 Growth=Dragon Soul]: Strengthening the bond with your dragon increases your magic attack (Passive)

Put 1 point in Magic Missile, just so you can stop whacking stuff, then max out Dragon Soul, so you can kill stuff faster. After that, max out Magic Missile. Basic build.

Where to train: All the farm quests, Monster Park, Rotting Skeletons.

Evan's 2nd Growth; Lvl 20 - 30

New skill(s): Fire Circle, Teleport

[skill=Evan 2nd Growth=Fire Circle]: Use fire to attack nearby enemies. (Fire element, mobbing skill)
[skill=Evan 2nd Growth=Teleport]: Use the arrow keys to teleport a set distance. (Active skill)

Put 1 point in Teleport for some faster movement, then max Fire Circle so you can train a bit faster. Max Teleport after and you'll be set.

[i]Note; Some people might consider adding only 1 point to Fire Circle first, then max out Teleport because of the MP it uses at lvl 1.[/i]

Where to train: Bubblings, Jr. Wraiths, Horny Mushrooms, Rotting Skeletons, Monster Park

Evan's 3rd Growth; Lvl 30 - 40

New skill(s): Lightning Bolt, Magic Guard
The Magic Guard "glitch" has been fixed by Nexon, you now need to purchase the mastery book from the Cash Shop to max it!

[skill=Evan 3rd Growth=Lightning Bolt]: Drop a bolt of lightning onto several enemies to deal damage. (Lightning element, mobbing skill)
[skill=Evan 3rd Growth=Magic Guard]: Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP, if MP reaches 0, HP will take the full hit. (Active)

Add 1 point into Lightning Bolt, as it will replace Fire Circle. Max out Magic Guard next, then finish up Lightning Bolt. Simple.

Where to train: Mushroom Kingdom (quests), CD's

Evan's 4th Growth; Lvl 40 - 50

New skill(s): Elemental Reset, Ice Breath, Spell Mastery

[skill=Evan 4th Growth=Elemental Reset]: Temporarily decreases the elemental attacks' attributes. At max level, all elemental attacks will be neutral. (Active)
[skill=Evan 4th Growth=Ice Breath]: Exhale an icy-cold breath that may freeze a monster in it's place. (Ice element, mobbing skill, has to be charged by holding key down)
[skill=Evan 4th Growth=Spell Mastery]: Increases magic mastery and magic attack permanently. (Passive)

Build: Start off by adding 1 point of Ice Breath, so you can alternatively attack with Lightning Bolt after you freeze the monsters. Max out Spell Mastery first, as your damage will become more stable, as well as giving additional magic attack. Max Ice Breath before you max Elemental Reset.

Where to train: CD's, Truckers, Robo's, Scarecrows, Monster Park

Evan's 5th Growth; Lvl 50 - 60

New skill(s): Magic Flare, Magic Shield, Slow

[skill=Evan 5th Growth=Magic Flare]: Hits a single target with a beam of light and at a set %chance, may stun the target. (Active)
[skill=Evan 5th Growth=Magic Shield]: Creates a shield around your party members to absorb a certain amount of damage. (Active, party skill)
[skill=Evan 5th Growth=Slow]: At a set % chance, you may slow down the target. Will not work on boss-attribute monsters. (Active)

Build: Max out Magic Flare, it'll be your strongest 1v1 skill until 7th Growth, then max out Slow, Magic Shield lastly, as the cooldown isn't worth the casting time. (Note: Magic Shield's duration and cooldown has been changed to 60 seconds duration and 90 second cooldown.)
[i]Note: Slow is listed under 6th Growth skills, as BasilMarket has not yet updated the builds for Evans, Slow was moved to 5th Growth since the Chaos patch![/i]

Where to train: [i]Scarecrows[/i], Robo's, Monster Park

Evan's 6th Growth; Lvl 60 - 80

New skill(s): Critical Magic, Dragon Thrust, Magic Booster, Dragon Blink

[skill=Evan 6th Growth=Critical Magic]: Increases base Critical Hit rate permanently. (Passive)
[skill=Evan 6th Growth=Dragon Thrust]: Pushes monsters back at a certain % chance while damaging them. (Active) ***
[skill=Evan 6th Growth=Magic Booster]: Uses MP to increase the casting speed of your skills. (Active)
[skill=Evan 6th Growth=Dragon Blink]: Teleports you to a random place in the map. Cooldown decreases as mastery level increases. (Active)

*Dragon Thrust is glitched to a point of disconnecting and even causing people to get autobanned for 30 days! Do not use this skill too much!**
Nexon has fixed the Critical Magic and Magic Booster glitch, you now have to buy the books from the Cash Shop. However, there seem to be some people, whom despite having done all the quests for SP, cannot fully max all the skills.

Build 1: Blink First, Thrust last.
This build maxes Blink first, for effective training, leaves Thrust to be maxed last. Max skills in this order: Dragon Blink, Magic Booster, Critical Magic, max Magic Booster, Dragon Thrust. This will leave you to keep on training with your previous Growth skills, Ice Breath/Lightning Bolt, Dragon Thrust will not be as effective, despite the 345% total damage it does when maxed.

Build 2: Thrust first, think after..
This build will max out Dragon Thrust first and not focus on your passive NX skill, Critical Magic, until a later time.
Max skills in this order: Dragon Thrust, 8 Magic Booster (3 minute cast), Dragon Blink, max Magic Booster, Critical Magic. You'll have full access to Dragon Thrust, it's a fast skill, yet the range isn't as amazing.

Build 3: Speed up!
This build will focus on maxing Magic Booster and Dragon Blink before Critical Magic and Dragon Thrust, to improve movement speed and training speed.
Start off by maxing Magic Booster, then Dragon Blink. Start maxing Critical Magic afterwards and save Dragon Thrust for last. You can manage training with Fire Breath, even Ice Breath and Lightning Bolt at this level.

Personally, build 1 is most recommended, as it utilizes all the skills, as well as the most effective training at Jesters.

Where to train: Homonculus, Jesters (Chimney, Library, Toy Room), Sand Rats, Roids, Monster Park

Evan's 7th Growth; Lvl 80 - 100

New skill(s): Fire Breath, Magic Amplification, Magic Resistance, Killer Wings, Dragon Spark

[skill=Evan 7th Growth=Fire Breath]: Exhales a fiery hot breath to damage and stun the targets at a certain % chance. (Fire element, mobbing skill, has to be charged by holding key down)
[skill=Evan 7th Growth=Magic Amplification]: Permanently increases the MP you use for skills, also boosts your magic attack permanently. (Passive)
[skill=Evan 7th Growth=Magic Resistance]: Grants your party a buff that makes them more resistant to magical attacks and reduces the damage taken from them. (Active, party skill)
[skill=Evan 7th Growth=Killer Wings]: Imprints a mark on the targeted enemy to make all the following attacks focus on that target. However, this only goes if Killer Wings is used on the target and will not be able to be combined with other attacks, ie. Illusion, Blaze etc. Also leaves the target to take Damage over Time. (Active)
[skill=Evan 7th Growth=Dragon Spark]: Grants a chance to deal additional damage at a set % chance. (Passive)

Build 1: The quest for power.
This build is the most effective one, in terms of damage and training, highly recommend this build is followed.
First, max out Magic Amplification, then add 1 point into Fire Breath and start maxing Dragon Spark. Once Dragon Spark is at max level, max out Fire Breath, then Magic Resistance, save Killer Wings for last. This build will increase your damage output, and with Fire Breath to train with on fire-weak monsters (MP3), you'll be set to keep going until 8th Growth.

Build 2: Train first, power up later.
This build will max your attacking skills first, leaving Magic Amplification to be maxed later on.
Firstly, max out Fire Breath, then Killer Wings and Dragon Spark. After this, max out Magic Amplification and Magic Resistance will be maxed last.

[i]This next build was created on request of many notices I've read, regarding Fire Breath's charging time and Thrust's speed in comparison.[/i]

Build 3: Training-build extraordinaire!
This build will leave Fire Breath to be maxed last, because Dragon Thrust, with it's 345% power spread over 3 attacks can get you through early 80's with ease.
Max out Magic Amplification first, so your Dragon Thrust damage gets buffed up a bit, then max out Dragon Spark for that extra oomph to your damage. Up next, Killer Wings if you intend to take on lower level bosses. If you're going to keep training, max out Magic Resistance first to decrease damage you take in MP3/Jesters. Max out Fire Breath last and you're set!

Where to train: Jesters, MP3, Mr. Anchor, Harps, Blood Harps, Monster Park

Evan's 8th Growth; Lvl 100 - 120

New skill(s): Dragon Fury, Earthquake, Phantom Imprint, Recovery Aura, Onyx Shroud

[skill=Evan 8th Growth=Dragon Fury]: When MP is within a certain range, magic attack will be boosted. Effect is cancelled out when MP falls out of required range. (Passive)
[skill=Evan 8th Growth=Earthquake]: Attack enemies above and around you to cause fire-based damage. (Active)
[skill=Evan 8th Growth=Phantom Imprint]: Imprint a monster with a curse, the struck monster will be left with a mark that will cause it to take extra damage when attacked for a period of time. (Active)
[skill=Evan 8th Growth=Recovery Aura]: Recover MP for your party for a certain amount of time. Party members must be within the mist range. (Active)
[skill=Evan 8th Growth=Onyx Shroud]: Grants party members a buff to increase avoidability rate for a period of time. (Active)

[i]First off, welcome to the 8th growth, your training speed will drastically increase with Earthquake, without a doubt. A slight note; The vertical range was slightly nerfed, just by a few pixels. In addition, the horizontal range was slightly increased.[/i]

Build 1: Fury-Quake..
Simple, basic, as well as the most followed build. You max out Dragon Fury first, since it's only lvl 5 to max, then start maxing Earthquake. Doing so gives you a lot of new options for training, which includes Captains and Kru's in Herb Town. After this, max out Recovery Aura (very useful to save MP pots when grinding solo), then save up your points to max Onyx Shroud, as it will increase the amount of misses you will see when monsters attack you. Save Phantom Imprint for last.

Build 2: Ghostly power emerges!
This build will focus on maxing Phantom Imprint before you max Earthquake. You'll be thinking 'Why would I do that?'- Here's the build explanation.
Max Fury first, then add 1 point into Earthquake, so you have the ability to mob 5 monsters. After this, max out Phantom Imprint, so you can combine Killer Wings with Phantom Imprint! See where I'm going? Use Imprint on the monster, followed up by Wings.. Causes it to take more damage over time. Max out Onyx Shroud after, then Recovery Aura.

Build 3: I'm more of a party-man.
This build will focus on your party skills mostly, which I highly not recommend. If you're more of a party-trainer that likes to satisfy his members with some nice buffs, follow this build.
Firstly, max out Onyx Shroud, which gives a +20% Avoid buff for all your party members. Then max out Recovery Aura, which is good for positioned attackers, maybe fellow Evans you grind with? Max out Dragon Fury after, then follow up with Earthquake to help your party attack all-round, save up for Imprint lastly.

Honestly, build 1 is the most recommended. If you're bound to do low-lvl bosses or Dojo, you might want to stick to build 2.

Where to train: MP3, (Dual) Ghost Pirates, Himes, Captain, Kru, Blue Kentaurus, LHC as of 110, Yeti's, Monster Park

Evan's 9th Growth; Lvl 120 - 160

New skill(s): Maple Warrior, Magic Mastery*, Illusion, Flame Wheel*, Hero's Will**
[i]Note: Skills marked with a * have to be obtained from Zakum3 (third body), skill marked with ** has to be obtained through a quest.[/i]

[skill=Evan 9th Growth=Flame Wheel]: Attack a mob of enemies with a wheel of fire. (Fire element, mobbing skill)
[skill=Evan 9th Growth=Illusion]: Unleash a flurry of attacks on a single monster. (Active)
[skill=Evan 9th Growth=Magic Mastery]: Permanently increases your magic attack, magic mastery and increases minimum critical damage. (Passive)
[skill=Evan 9th Growth=Maple Warrior]: Give your party members a buff to increase their % stats. (Active)
[skill=Evan 9th Growth=Hero's Will]: Enables one to dispel the effects of Seduce. (Active)

Welcome to the 9th Growth. A new world will be opened up to you! Bossing, training even more effectively then before.. You'll have it all!

This build will be the most logical build to follow, as it utilizes skills to boost your core damage, then focus on your ranged attacks.

Build 1: Mastering the flames!
Mastering your flames, exactly. This build will focus on maxing the skills you need from Zakum first, before adding points to the rest, assuming you have both Magic Mastery and Flame Wheel 10 books ready to use.
Max skills in this order; Magic Mastery, your minimum critical damage will increase, as well as your mastery (95% total mastery), also adds a permanent +30 magic attack! After this is done, max out Flame Wheel. If you're going to do bosses like Papulatus at early levels, you can start maxing Illusion afterwards. If you're more intending to train, as well as being able to afford the books, go with Maple Warrior (up to 30 to max). At 159, you will be left with 2 SP, 3 more SP when you level to 160, which are required to max out Hero's Will.

Build 2: Like a boss.
This build is more for the boss-orientated Evans among us. If you're bound to level off Papulatus and Zakum's Arms, you should follow this build instead.
Max out Magic Mastery firstly, then Illusion. This will be your fastest 1v1 skill for bossing, even with Blaze coming up at 160. After this, work on Flame Wheel, then Maple Warrior as high as possible. Hero's Will can always be obtained on a later time.

Build 3: What if I don't have my books?
Ah, yes.. Commonly asked question, some people are unable to obtain the skillbooks they need. There are 2 options to resolve this;
  • Option 1: Max Illusion, then save up points (60) to max both Magic Mastery and Flame Wheel when obtained.
  • Option 2: Save up 60 points right off the bat.
Though it shouldn't be that hard to obtain the books, these options are the only ones you'll have, as you'll continue to train with Earthquake until you have them.

Where to train: LHC, you can basically stay here all the way up to 200.. Alternatives are Gigantic Spirit Vikings, Grim Phantom Watches, Lycanthropes, Blue Dragon Turtles, Chief Memory Guardian, Dark Cornians, Monster Park, Kenta PQ, Hoblin PQ, Escape PQ.

Evan's 10th Growth; 160 - 200

As your journey comes to it's end, you receive new skills, your strongest 1v1 fire-skill, your ultimate, even the ability to resurrect yourself and a power-stance like skill. Making it all the way through is commendable, finishing your quest to 200 has just begun!

New skill(s): Blaze, Blessing of the Onyx, Soul Stone*, Dark Fog*, Onyx Will
[i]Skills marked with a * have to be obtained from Zakum3 (third body).[/i]

[skill=Evan 10th Growth=Blaze]: Attack a single monster with a strong burst of fire 3 times, giving a % chance to leave the target stunned. (Active)
[skill=Evan 10th Growth=Blessing of Onyx]: Grants you a buff that increases magic attack, magic defense and physical defense for a period of time. (Active)
[skill=Evan 10th Growth=Dark Fog]: Creates a dark, chilly fog, to strike up to 15 monsters for tremendous damage. An additional critical rate, as well as a cooldown are added to this attack. (Active)
[skill=Evan 10th Growth=Soul Stone]: Gives your party members a buff to auto-revive them once, as long as they have the buff (works for yourself as well). Upon reviving, they will recover with a set amount of HP, in the same map. (Active)
[skill=Evan 10th Growth=Onyx Will]: Gives you the strength of an army, giving you a buff to get prevented from getting knocked back, as well as giving you the power to attack with your body (Mir is the one who attacks when monsters get in range, ie. in range of the wings/tail). (Active)

[i]Experiment by putting +1 in every skill, just for the experience of it all, if you wish.[/i]

Build 1: I'm no bosser, just an exp-grinder.
This build will focus on buffing yourself up before focusing on your core bossing skills, meaning Blessing of the Onyx gets maxed first.
Max skills in this order; Blessing of the Onyx, which is maxed at 25, gives you an additional +30 m. atk. and stacks with things such as Bless/Meditation! Afterwards, focus on maxing out Blaze, as you will be combining Blaze with Flame Wheel mostly, where Flame Wheel kills the bigger mobs and Blaze killing the single-targeted ones. After this, max out Onyx Will, so you can get hits in easier. Max out DF after, then leave Soul Stone for last.

Build 2: Stupid knockback..
Yeah, I know. It's annoying. That's why this build will focus on Onyx Will first, Blaze etc. Here's what you'll have to do;
Max out Onyx Will first, it doesn't require any books to max. After this, start working on Blaze to KB anything you can because of the immense speed. After this, work on maxing Blessing of the Onyx for that extra m. atk. and leave DF and Soul Stone to be maxed lastly.

Build 3: I want.. Power..
Power hungry? You'll want a stronger ultimate then. I don't recommend greed for power, as it will leave you weaker overall, but hey. Your choice.
Max out DF, then get yourself maxed Blaze, then work on Blessing of the Onyx, Onyx Will and Soul Stone would be kept for last.

This pretty much covers the training-based builds, time to work on the bossing-type builds!

Build 4: Zak's got nothing on me!
Indeed, it won't. If you follow this build.
Max out Blaze, it's seriously on par with Illusion. Work on Onyx Will afterwards, then max Blessing of the Onyx. Max out Soul Stone after, then work on DF.
[i]Small note; You might cause yourself to d/c with Dark Fog if you use it in bosses. DF will only lag the first time you use it, afterwards it gets less laggy.[/i]

Build 5: I'm gonna go HT a LOT.
Really? That's great! That means you'll be a supportive Evan.
If this is the case, you'll be maxing Soul Stone before you max Onyx Will, with 1 point in Blaze from 160. After you've maxed Onyx Will, start maxing out Blaze, then Blessing of the Onyx, save DF for last. Build not recommended since Ascension's Horntail is fully aggro!

Build 6: Any solo-bossing build?
Yes, there is. That would be my personal build.
First off, you'll be alternating between either doing Zak for fast exp, doing HT with friends to get some quick-er exp in, whilst grinding your way down LHC. So it'll be a combination of everything;
First off, you max Blaze, then Onyx Will. After this, you max out Soul Stone, then Blessing of the Onyx, whilst you save DF for last. Creative, yes. But also extremely effective!

Where to train; LHC, Chief Oblivion Guardians (if you're that desperate), future Henesys/Ereve (quests), Zakum, Horntail, Papulatus, Pink Bean (optional for 180+), Monster Park, Kenta PQ, Escape PQ

This pretty much covers all the builds possible. If you have your own build, feel free to PM me with it and if it's not similar to any of the above builds (and effective for people to use), I might just include your build!

Got a question?

Send me a PM or leave a note in this thread!

Special thanks to;

  • BasilMarket enabling me to post this.
  • You, the reader, for taking your time to read this.
  • The Evans (and non-Evans) in the Evan community for being so supportive!
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I gt a question, is it good to max oynx will then blessing of the oynx then blaze? or blaze come before blessing of the oynx?
Oct 03 2011
FallenAsh Level 141 Windia Phantom 4
So I guess I have to go on a Zakum run to get Flame Wheel 10?
Oct 04 2011
i keep dying @ kenta pq tho. T^T , the stupid pianus with its dispel. 1/1 and laserbeam. how i survive that? D:
Oct 06 2011
FallenAsh Level 141 Windia Phantom 4
They sell it scissored in the FM? I figured that no one would, and if they do, I bet it'll be 200mill or so, which I can't afford.
Oct 06 2011

When I had autopet heal, I found it to be much less of a hassle when I used Power Elixers. With the 100% heal and whatnot. Might save you a few presses without pet too.

Like the guide. Very Through.
Oct 06 2011
Zeff Level 165 Bera Evan 10th Growth
"The exp is amazing if you grind there with a level 200 to up the monster's levels, giving more exp. Since the accuracy penalty is -2% per level under the monster, you will have a hard time hitting anything, unless you're getting lucky."

Urvin, maybe it's just me. But this seems confusing as hell. If you can't hit the monster, how is it good exp?
Oct 09 2011
They sell it scissored in the FM? I figured that no one would, and if they do, I bet it'll be 200mill or so, which I can't afford.[/quote]

<--- willing to take any windia evans on a zrun to obtain their skill books.
Oct 11 2011
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