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Evan The Second Hero That Rises Again!

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[header=top][i]LAST UPDATES:[/i]
- GMS Evan Availability

Note: Sorry that I haven't make updates yet to the guide, I have so much work now, so as soon as I can I promise i will update it =D.


-More Videos~Pictures.
-More Information about Evans.
-Table of Contents.


-Evan's Guide.

[i]Table Of Contents:[/i]

[i]~COMING SOON!~[/i]


Evan (one of the 5 Heroes) Rises Again! (It's a Hero but different to Aran)
The new class "Evan" are an elemental "Dragon Trainers" class that fought alongside the Aran to defeat the Black Magician. They are now released on KMS.

The story is about a normal farmer boy that lives near Henesys that on a dream he saw a Black Dragon then he wakes up and finds an egg. So here is how the story of Evan and it's new master begins. In the begginning you will have a baby dragon but with leveling your dragon will become stronger and will learn new skills. What new adventures are waiting for us? =)

[header=top][i]General Information About Evans:[/i]





Evan job is available on the following versions of Maple Story:

-KMS (Korean Maple Story)

Evan job is soon to come to the following versions of Maple Story:

- GMS- March 31
[header=top][i]Evan's Job Information:[/i]

-Int and Luk needed
-Skills are made by a Dragon
-Max Lvl 200


-Ice, Lightning, Fire and Poison skills, meaning you can train at almost any elementally weak monster. They also deal critical damage, unlike normal mages.
-Has a party skill that allows to resurrect 1~2 random party members.
-Has a party skill that gives resistance to magic attacks.
-A skill like Berserk, but only for MP.
-Combination of Fire, Ice, Lightning and Dark elemental attacks
-Can deal critical damage, unlike other mages


-Dragon only attacks in the direction you are facing.
-No MP Eater or MP Increase skill.
-Nerfed Magic Guard.


Evan has an unique element that no other class has; A dragon attacking for you. No, the dragon is not a summon. After your Evan advanced to level 10 and completed the 1st Job Advancement, a baby dragon awakens from the Dragon Egg.

The Dragon can grow up to ten times at certain levels. All attacks will be executed through your dragon.

This means that you don't need to do Job Advancements, as your Dragon will evolve automatically upon the designated level.

Equipments That They Use

-The same equips that Archmages/Bishops use.
-They use both, wands and staffs

Random Information:

A new town was released as well (I don't know much about it), and it looks like Utah has a role in all this. Yeah, Utah is an old NPC used in the farm between Henesys, Nautilus Port and Ellinia. Who knows what's the Evan's story and what's the role of Utah in it? Only time will tell

They are released on KMS now. (the pic is from th KMS test server):

[header=top]Evan's Skills Information:

1st Master
Dragon Soul: The Soul of the Dragon is strengthened to improve magic attack

Magic Missile: Use MP to attack a monster twice.

2nd Master
Fire Circle: Use MP to attack a large amount of foes using Fire Elements.

Teleport: Press different arrow keys to go to different parts of the map.

3rd Master
Lightning Bolt: Create a Lightning Bolt to cause damage.

Magic Guard: For a period of time, MP will be damaged instead of HP when hit. If the MP bar is empty, then the HP will be damaged.

4th Master
Ice Breath: Charge for a period of time to create a Ice breath, causing damage up to 6 foes. The longer the charge, the stronger the damage.

Elemental Reset: For a period of time, the attacks of the monster will be neutralized.

5th Master
Magic Flare: Light created from a magic square will surround an enemy and attack.

Magic Shield: Create a magic shield to absorb Damage

6th Master
Critical Magic: At a certain probability, critical damage is inflicted for magic attack.

Dragon Thrust: Knockback 6enemies with certain success rate

Magic Booster: Use MP to improve the speed of your magic attack.

Slow: Enable your attack to slow enemies for A seconds, enemies who are affected would be slowed for B seconds (A/B seconds)

7th Master
Magic Amplification: Increases magic attack by using MP.

Dragon Breath: Bring flames together to a massive attack. Time to raise the flames is proportional to attack. Attack 6 enemies.

Killing Wing: Place a mark on your opponent, all future attacks are aim at that opponent.

Magic Resistance: Cast a buff on all party members to reduce the damage from magical attacks.

8th Master
Earthquake: Smash your body into the earth to attack multiple enemies(Fire elmental)

Ghost Lettering: Curse a monster using ghostly letters. For a certain time after the monster is cursed, it takes more damage.

Aurora Recovery: All party members in the aura receive MP Recovery

9th Master
Illusion: Create 4 illusions, each attack the same enemy once.

Awakening: Uses MP to escape from certain status ailments. The higher level of this skill, the more ailments you can recover from.

Maple Hero: Boosts stats.

Flame Wheel: Cast a wheel shaped firewall to attack up to six enemies in front of you(fire elemental)

10th Master
Onix's Blessing: Increase the magic defense, weapon defense and magic attack.

Blaze: Attacks a single enemy with a ball of fire, which can jump to nearby enemies. Similar to chain lightning but fire elemental.

Soul Stone: A buff is cast randomly on one or two party members, if they die while buff is in effect, they resurrect instantly.

Dark fog: Unleash the cold, darkness of the fog on up to 15 of your foes(dark element)






[url=]TUTORIAL VIDEO[/url]

[url=]GAMEPLAY VIDEO[/url]

[url=]COOL PICS![/url]


[url=]LVL 86 EVAN[/url]

[url=]SKILLS PREVIEW[/url]

[header=top][i]Other Important Links:[/i]


-Feel free to comment. But don't flame please.
-You want me to add something to the guide?
Post what you want me to add or PM me and ill try to add it!
-Have some information of Evan that you want to share?
Make a post with it or PM me and i'll add it!
-Once again, NO flames please. Ty.
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Everything you want to know about them have been on another site for at least a week[/quote]
Not really. Fiel had the extractions ready about 9 hours ago, and, as far as I know, he would post the data immediately.
Nov 19 2009
ok... i added info i found on youtube... xD
Nov 19 2009
Where'd you get that information? The link you posted doesn't provide that information.[/quote]

Edit: haha ok
Nov 19 2009
my names evan [/quote]

haha =)
Nov 19 2009
rennac123 Level 122 Broa Battle Mage 4
rip off of Eragon. seriously.[/quote]

You go find me something that hasn't been put into a book or a game already, and make a class out of it, and tell me how good it will be.
Nov 19 2009
You go find me something that hasn't been put into a book or a game already, and make a class out of it, and tell me how good it will be.[/quote]

kinda of this =)
Nov 19 2009
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