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Events for V.159 on Calendar Screen

By iluvcandy

iluvcandy Level 191 Renegades Shadower
Jan 21 2015 I made this for my group of friends, but I will share it with you guys =) Made it in a rush, so idc if it is ugly.
For those who don't have enough time to do all the event and quests, here is events listed on a calendar with rewards listed on the side. I only listed the important quests/events to do for some good rewards. Nexon really bombarded us with events >.<
To find out more about the events, go to MapleStory site > Update Notes and do control+F and type in the quest name.

Note: the list of events only include those that I think worth doing for the rewards. For the rewards, I only listed the good rewards. Most of the rewards are randomly given.

For collectors of stuff from events (ex: chairs, dmg skins):
- Attack on Titan quests
- Hunter's Club Event
- Cassandra Special Candy
- Valentine's Day Heart Shaped Box
- Vampire Season Event
- Blackheart Day
- Mardis Gras
- Black Sheep White Sheep Event
- Complete the Number Event

For people trying to increase range:
- Everything listed above, except Valentine Quests, Blackheart day and Black Sheep White Sheep Event.
- Especially, the Attendance #2- Maple Rewards Attendance Event (to buy stuff from Maple Reward Shop)

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Exodus203 Level 212 Scania Luminous 4
Please waste the time to make a better looking one. This is a great idea i should start doing this! i shall use this for now xD
Jan 22 2015
mahbawls Level 203 Bera Shadower
Thank you for sharing this diagram, it'll be quite useful and looks better than looking at the wall of text on the maple website.
Jan 22 2015
Yanoma Level 110 Zenith Battle Mage 3
Bless your soul for this.
Jan 22 2015

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