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Everything Feels so Depressed in MapleStory now When I login

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sunrain Level 200 Scania Aran 4
I did quit MapleStory months ago, and I'm really enjoying other game out there that I will not mention here, It's really fun! and I'm having good times, but when I logged back to Maple...

So, I logged in to figure out that everyone is dead and zombified, nobody even talks in Henesys, FM seems empty and 0 conversation, the still active guild is full of people but no one is talking, they seem to have lacking in-game content to keep them as a team or such similar things, (you know what I mean),... all the exclusive and new "cool" items are only obtainable through cash shop ways, bosses can be beaten in 5 seconds and are rewardless, while someone is able to hit 100k while other with the same level hits 100m, the same old events over and over again, and the anniversary is a copy of the previous one, without mentioning that MS probably has the worst economy of all the mmorpgs.

This game is beyond dead and broken and Nexon did incentive it, the reflect of a society that fell into a dark era ruled by the "to just to stay alive for nothing" motto (but in reality it's dead inside), where everything is boring and repetitive, people does nothing and don't know what to do just being logged in because they're "addicted", some of them spent half of their lives in MapleStory playing since beta 2005. I have asked someone why are you still playing and the answer was, "I don't know man, I am just hooked, I wish I could quit, now my time is short to do the things I always wanted in real life, I've wasted my life in this game and I'm getting 30 soon with no family". It's just unbelievable
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irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
That last part was very saddening. Just don't log in anymore - the people who still play maplestory are those who are still desperately clutching on to the nostalgic factor of the game or people who have nothing better to do.

There are more interesting games out there people could invest in that don't eat up as much time and money as maplestory does. Or... maybe.. do productive real-life stuff.

Please tell your friend that it's never too late to get out of this hell hole. I believe in them.
Apr 21 2017
irlesley Level 200 Mardia Buccaneer
@vivabasura: maplestory always sucked. tbh, u right I'm probably just bitter cos i blew too much cash on the game that i cant get back lol

@helpingly : u also right, and I've also become aware that it's kinda ironic people are complaining about a game on a forum that's based off that same game. (aka me)
Apr 21 2017
deeemon Level 214 Scania Hayato 4 See what games, anime & art deeemon is intoDeeMon
MapleStory isn't that bad, it's just nexon who keeps frigging things up.
Also don't like how they block off areas and take months, or even years just to revamp and reopen the place. That's like if you can't play your character because it's getting skill changes in 6 months, but no, that's not how it works. Just leave those places open, dood!
Apr 21 2017
pilox Level 216 KradiaEMS Beast Tamer Shared
+2 I don't know what the GMS server looks like, but EMS (Luna) is very lively.
Guilds frequently recruiting in megaphones, market is full, even a few people in the FM (not too many though).
Henesys and especially the map where the FM entrance is, is LOADED with henehoes all day.

I think EMS got an influx of GMS players who wanted a fresh start, and the general welcoming and warm community that EMS has isn't going to change anytime soon.
Was a GMS person who tried playing there a week or so back that called out a very old EMS guild (for reasons unknown) and just spammed how Luna isn't EMS anymore and how we should learn to behave. He ended up being harassed so badly that he went back to GMS.

So to be fair, if your server is dead, and you are a decent person, go to the EMS server if you can survive that the server is located in EU. Just keep in mind that the atmosphere there is different. Its lively and childish, but in the end, its welcoming and friendly
Apr 22 2017
eddypanda Level 205 Scania Xenon 4
Hey man I know how it feels. I started playing MS around the time zakum came out. What's that like 2005?2006? Anyways I was putting In alot of hours at first and yes I did enjoy the game very much. As time went by I would take some time off from Ms here and there mainly due to pc issues. Now I'm talking like months to even years off at a time. This game to me is a part of my childhood that I can't let go of. Yes I think about it even now and I am 28, happily married, have a 5 year old Lil girl and 60k/year job. I think people like us just try to hold onto the game and don't want to accept the fact that it's time to put it in the past. As difficult as it may be do not let the game ruin your life. I still play myself but go on it if I have the time to do so and usually only log on like 2 weeks within a 2 month period. The reason I do this is because I want to see if there is anything new and because of a old friend of mine that still plays. A game should never feel like a job. You don't have to play it.

And if you haven't done so try to play in the server reboot. It takes care of alot of the problems you are having with your current server. Very populated and nice community along with the exclusion of nx over powered players. Just remember go on to relax socialize and don't let it become a job.
Apr 22 2017
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