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Returning player


Hello guys. Returning to maplestory and there's a lot of new stuff. I was wondering if there are any people out there who would like to play together and do things together like bossing. I am a shadower lvl 184 ign yarushi52. looking forward to this

Um lag in maps with monsters


So I basically just came back to maple and when I train at maps with monsters (like twilight perion swollen stump maps or haven robot maps) I lag like 50%-75% or more of the time. I basically enter the map, defeat monsters for 1 min or more then I lag and

Advice for Reboot Hayato


As the title suggests, I'm currently starting up a new Reboot Hayato and was wondering what I should target in terms of level 170-180 equips. I have in mind RA and Gollux gear, but should I also go for Tyrant as well? Any and all advice is helpful, a

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smartguy1801 Level 202 Scania Zero Transcendent Exalted Guild
Yawn, just got up, now to get on the daily grind. Wasup everybody! And welcome new members! See us Online soon!
Jun 30 2015