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iStealRockz Level 165 Windia Phantom 4
Hey, making a thread was my last resort but I couldn't find a decent answer anywhere else, I've been doing the Romeo and Juliet party quest since level 70 and i'm now 98, it's getting quite absurd. Even when I ask around people tell me to grind at aliens or keep doing Romeo and Juliet party quest. At this point it's getting hella slow to level up, any ideas? Thank you :-)
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jacob1248 Level 189 Yellonde Night Walker 4
I'd just get to 100 doing Romeo and Juliet. Your other option would be to go to Captains and Krus but you're already 98. Once you get to 100, you can just do the evolution system until like 140.
Nov 30 2013
sniffy Level 208 Bera Zero Transcendent
There's Monster Park Extreme until 140.
Nov 30 2013
Simcaz Level 200 Windia Blaze Wizard 4
just suck it up and grind for about an hour at aliens and you'll be 100, then do evo during 2x
Nov 30 2013
Arthador Level 202 Windia Blade Master
Here's something not everyone does: try doing the sakura castle quest line and collecting the sakura castle set. When you complete the set you get 2mil exp which should be around 2 lvls at lvl98.
Nov 30 2013
Business Level 137 Broa Cannoneer 4
Do you have any MPE tickets leftover? If so, go there.
Or you can either go aliens, captains or stay at R&J for the last 2 levels, then Evo all the way
Nov 30 2013
iDebauchery Level 168 Broa Phantom 4
Why do people talk like you have an infinite amount of entries into the monsterpark. >.<
Nov 30 2013
@iDebauchery well what I do is that when I get a char to lvl 70 for the lvl 1 link mule, I'll start another link after. While I'm training the others I "farm" the daily MPE tickets on the other links so that when I go back to them, they have like 20+ MPE tickets
Nov 30 2013
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