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F/P Mage For Reboot

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arshadkhan Level 209 Yellonde Dark Knight
So im comming back to play the Reboot server. I love my DRK but I dont want to restart a DRK since mine is 209. I wanted to go with F/P they always looked cool and interesting to me. Now I heard Myst Eruption is getting a bad nerf, does this make F/P really weak in the future? Will they still be the strongest Mage class damage wise with low funds? Would I/L be a better choice? I really feel like starting the new server off with a mage.
Posted: November 2015 Permalink


littletlk Level 201 Broa Beginner
There is no "funding" in REBOOT. At least, it's not going to be the same.
Most people are going to be at an equal funding level.

And I'd go with i/L over FP. Better mobbing early on.
Nov 30 2015
chaosh Level 182 Windia Kanna 4
F/P is still the better bosser and no, I don't believe F/P will ever be 'weak' in the future. The gap between I/L and F/P will shrink, indeed, but both classes should remain fairly strong. That being said, I would consider I/L over F/P in Reboot thanks to the better mobbing, considering mobbing is pretty much the only way to make mesos in Reboot (and mesos = cubes = damage)
Nov 30 2015
voidwreck Level 136 Windia Aran 4
Yup, what above said. Also, F/P has higher damage than I/L when it comes to bossing, but their attack speed is so slow. I would choose I/L over F/P. Ice and surges of electricity over fire and farts anyday.
Nov 30 2015
arshadkhan Level 209 Yellonde Dark Knight
Hmmmmmm I/L and change to F/P late to end game for bossing? What class is the best mobber and also great at bossing?
Nov 30 2015
lllllllllllllil Level 224 Scania F/P Arch Mage
+2 Reboot will be spread among various patches like it was in KMS, the first part fire mages are unaffected. The last 2 nerf them into the ground for low level funding players, they are still relatively the same in terms of end game bossing.

And the newest class balance changes released 4 days ago on KMS test servers fire mages become irrelevant in terms of end game bossing efficiency. Ice mages + bishops are the best explorer mages depening on your level of funding.

If you cap with paralyze now, you are unaffected you will still boss just as fast as you do now, it is just bishops and ice mages will become far more efficient than fire mages. Meaning they get more lines doing more damage and killing faster.
Nov 30 2015
sorlilly Level 182 Scania Evan 10th Growth See what games, anime & art sorlilly is intoSorLilly
But will they be the same if you got pot cooldown on hat, problem solved ?
Dec 01 2015
funkyflame Level 220 Broa I/L Arch Mage Emcy Guild
+1 I've played both 2-2noclown and F/P is not a *better* bosser in my opinion. More DPS? Perhaps, but the attacks are tedious and it's much more annoying to attack. I personally don't find it reason enough to switch to F/P just because of that slightly better DPS. I/Ls have the edge in Hellux, Dojo, CVel. F/P have slightly? better mobbing(depends on map) and output a bit more damage.

**EDIT: I'm speaking of PRE- Reboot, just in case anyone actually listens to me.

Not hating on F/P, good class. My point is play what you like, barely makes a difference, they can both do the same thing just as easy, AND you have the ability to change about! OP!(Not sure that you can in reboot world though? We'll see)
Dec 01 2015
jerry5000 Level 216 Renegades F/P Arch Mage
i/l is stronger than f/p end game wise no matter when, as long as its post red. with the most recent kms patch, i/l hit8+1=9 while f/p hit 6+1=7 lines with their spammable skills. bishop =5+5=10 lines
Dec 02 2015
jerry5000 Level 216 Renegades F/P Arch Mage
@risingvenom: i didnt forget, DOT dmg is too little to be consider as a line. you can literally ignore it. even with 20k+ total int, u praobbly only do like 50m per sec with all dots available on the boss(including hyper, meteor shower and blah)
Dec 04 2015

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