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F/P or I/P post nerf?

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brocabulary Level 183 Scania Bishop
I'm currently a bishop that was originally an F/P. F/P was very fun and the only time I played i/l was pre-bb. With the upcoming nerf that's coming, I was curious as to which class would be a more viable bosser. We're talking minimal funding as I am starting from scratch. And just on a side note, would revamped evan even compare to the two?
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improbable Level 160 Renegades Angelic Buster 4
F/P would still be more viable.

To start off, both F/P and I/L got nerf to Elemntal Ignore rate.

F/P mainly got nerfs to DoT (increased dmg, decrased duration), and Myst Erruption's damage, but its bonus attack hyper skill was switched to a new one that allows its damage cap to increase by 20 mil. The summon can also stack DoT, so it will be easier to maintain it, and 5 DoT will reduce the cooldown of Myst Erruption even more. F/P is definitely still standing strong in bossing.

I/L got more targets and line on Chain Lightning, and summons follow the character's damage formula(like any other summons including F/P's).

Both got some nerfs, both got some nerfs. Not enough to make any noticeable change to the discrepancy between the two classes what I can tell, so F/P would still do better than I/L in terms of bossing.

Not really sure about what's going on for post revamp Evan, but he definitely got more, more lines and stronger bossing capabilities from what I observed. Unsure how he would fare compared to F/P though.
Jan 17 2016
hangwithhung Level 190 Windia Demon Avenger 4 See what games, anime & art hangwithhung is intohangwithhung
My only issue with FP is that with bosses that require movement or can in any way screw up your timing, you really can't optimize your damage. As a bishop or as a IL you'll just need to telecast around and hold your one key and can focus less on timing and just making sure you're close enough to the boss to be hitting it with your attacks.

Then again the former can be quite interesting and brings a new element to the game a lot of people would rather overlook and ignore. I for one used to be a fan but since my internet quality hasn't quite been as good as it used to be, I've just gone with brute forcing my way through bosses because my latency is too freaking high.
Apr 17 2016

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