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FB vs US vs CoH?

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kRIPTAH Level 187 Bera Shadower
What should i use when i Zak?

Edit: Im a DB FB= Fatal blow, US= Upper stab, CoH= Chains of hell
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aAznGuy Level 100 Windia Ranger
Restate question plz
Oct 11 2010
radkai Level 200 Bera Paladin
So obvious Fatal Blow vs Upper Stab vs Chains of Hell.
Oct 11 2010
He is trying to ask which skill would be better at Zak. Fatal Blow, Upper stab, or chains of Hell.
I would say CoH
Oct 11 2010
xVainGlory Level 110 Bera Phantom 3
I heard to spam US at arms and then i'd assume if your CoH was high enough that you'd do that at bodies
Oct 11 2010
Hes a Dual Blade and he's talking about Fatal Blow vs Upper Stab vs Chains of Hell on Zak....
Oct 11 2010
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