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Faces that annoy you the most

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fungusbrain Level 206 Khaini Blade Master
I personally get annoyed by the C: and o-o faces. I also dislike when people say f2 when they can just make a smiley face..

What faces annoy you guys?
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Skaia Level 201 Scania Demon Avenger 4
xD and x_X
xD the most like what is that even
Jun 11 2013
aznstyles Level 210 Mardia Dark Knight
looks like people licking their noses
Jun 11 2013
Pliskin Level 212 Yellonde Blade Master
:c c: f1 f2 -_- x_X
Jun 11 2013
UrHedsOnFire Level 203 Scania Zero Transcendent
f7 pisses me off a LOT

xD pisses me too much

xP why would you even use this face

o-o or

-_- (basically f7)
Jun 11 2013
ChrisJohnson Level 216 Windia Paladin
"xD" <----- Typically the losers that lose arguments overuse this to cover up the fact that they're booty tickled.
"F3" <----- The face that people who eat the booty use.
Jun 11 2013
FallenGhost Level 203 Zenith Phantom 4
ouo <
=w= <
= = <
Jun 11 2013
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