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Fafnir Battle Cleaver - ATK 312 Screen

By guye1296

guye1296 Level 204 Scania Hero
Dec 14 2013 Took advantage of the RED store and scrolled this Axe, I still need to cube and neb it, but it's almost done

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why cant this be front page?
its a beauty
Dec 15 2013
AnotherPoster Level 165 Windia Dark Knight
why cant this be front page?
its a beauty [/quote]

Because it's a 2h-axe D:

Awesome! My hero was a 2h axe user before she was hacked. Now she's a mule.
Dec 16 2013
@AnotherPoster: dam
guess il try posting my 1h sword 7 EEs like 28x att
see if that gets any?
Dec 16 2013

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