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Fafnir Zeliska - ATK 280 Screen

By kuze

kuze Level 229 Broa Mechanic 4
Jul 13 2014 I made the Sweetwater before I found out about the TMS DrW revamp, upon learning this I Set out to make a bossing gear, Just need to 25% neb it

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ThrillersVN Level 208 Nova Jett 4
LOL I want that gun
Jul 17 2014
Bird Level 217 Zenith Jett 4
How did you even get it to 280 :l
Jul 17 2014
SantanaTV Level 108 Scania Night Walker 4
How much nx did it cost to make this exactly? if you dont mind answering, cause that thing is flippin' amazing.
Aug 19 2014
Pluvius Level 220 Bera Corsair
Nov 18 2014

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