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Does anyone else still D/C with Shadow Spear?

Cygnus Knight Night Walker

When hitting a lot of mobs in a concentrated area? Could you post your specs, living region (West, East, Europe, etc.) and conditions? It'd be very appreciated if you could do the same for KThxBaiNao's reddit post here:

LFgt Kaiser Transformation Skin Color Change


So I made a post on nexon forums for hopefully it will get noticed but I would need more support. I made discussion on nexon adding back the color change coupon for Kaiser transformation at least into V Shop. Myself, I was very upset once they did a recen

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ultyimate Level 212 Broa Hero FallenStarz Guild
Hey guys, sorry i haven't been on for a while my can't play gms in korea anymore so ill probably be back in july ish
May 14 2016
SlashingPain Level 231 Khaini Kaiser 4 FallenStarz Guild See what games, anime & art SlashingPain is intoSlashingPain
Welcome Everyone,

This is the official page for FallenStarz of Khaini.

This guild has been around for long time since May of 2008.

I'm the Guild Leader and always been the leader SlashingPain. (ign SiashingPain)

My most active Jr.Master is AranBhav.If you cant get a hold of me he's next in line.

If you like to join feel free to send me a msg here or if not on the game.

We are a friendly guild and willing to help if needed.


Happy Mapling!
Mar 16 2015